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    I am balancing my review of the happy hour (5 star) with a separate dining experience (3 star) and that is how we landed on a 4.

    Happy Hour - I sat at the bar and was spoiled rotten by Crystal and Mike the bartenders. They were great! They were mixing drinks and keeping up with the demands of the Friday HH crowd. I had the guac and the plantain, which were great! I also had a deconstructed pupusa. It was so fancy! The service was great and quick and the people there were fun too. It was not as uppity as I thought it would be (keeping in mind the location) and for that I am pleased.

    I was so happy about my service that I returned the next day for dinner. I took my boo-thang. We made a reservation and were seated immediately and then... we waited... and waited... and waited... No one said anything to us. No waiter looked our way or said they were busy. It was a manager who came by and took our drink order and told us our waiter would be with us. Then our waiter came and he explained he was slammed with customers and had his manager sent over to us (I'm thinking, so should the manager get the tip?) Anyway, we were treated okay, but the service wasn't as wonderful as it was the night before.

    If you go here, don't be in a rush to go anywhere. Many tables are slow to order and servers aren't the quickest. However, you have to make your way to the bar for an HH. You won't be disappointed. Their HH is daily from 4-7. Spice up your life!

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    2901 University Blvd W
    Kensington, MD 20895
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    Aufgelistet in Maintaining, Boo.

    Another 5 star review for this business!

    I got married a few weeks ago and brought 3 of my bridesmaids along. Everyone was a different nationality with different types of hair. (Our nationalities are Black, Asian, and Brazilian-American) We all needed updos but no one's could look like mine. I was so pleased with how everyone's style and hair needs were met. It was the best way for me to start my wedding day.

    I am so thankful to the staff for being so wonderful for my day!  

    Everyone is so different in there, but one thing is for sure - these folks are skilled! I did not get the name of everyone that did my bridesmaids hair, but they were pleased as well! My make-up artists and a few guests were very impressed by the hair-dos and the way they held up.

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    Things I can do in 15 minutes:
    - Put lotion on
    - Prepare rice
    - Vacuum
    - Apply make up
    - Get a great…
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    I took the advice of my friend, Suz, and stopped by this salon. On the outside it looks like a… Weiterlesen
  • 2348 Wisconsin Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20007
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    I was super confused by the atmosphere of this place when I went, but it was a strange "Yes... I am going to feel this out" feeling that prompted me to stay. It was around 11 on a Saturday and there was about 12 people there.. All couples (and interracial... I see you Bourbon!!!) I was shocked that me and my sister were there for 15 minutes before someone took our order. It was even more shocking when I made eye contact with 2 separate bartenders and one guy who cleans there.

    When I did put in my order (with a young lady who was loving the crew and the crew loved her) it was wrong. She was really sweet but moved really slowly. She had her back to us a lot of time (and was dancing with the bartender (who loved himself and was kissin up on her)

    Then at 12, they blasted the music which caused 8 people to leave. Luckily it was my jams and they were bu-las-tin. Even with the hip hop, and wood grain bar, it was still kind of weird. It was obvious one bartender was a fed up with another. And the waitress was the only lady there which made the dudes thirsty on all the levels. And no one cared about the two girls in the corner that didn't have a drink.

    I could see the potential in a place like this but the uppity factor is simply ridiculous. I'll go back to test is out again, but I hope I have a different experience. I love bourbon as a drink and I'd love to enjoy this place.

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    The flavors are great, but 30 minutes for fried chicken wings??? Really?

    I have a thing for their ginger soy flavor. It satisfies your sweet, salty, and tangy taste buds. Their spicy is very spicy, but I love that as well. I am more impressed though (and less agitated) by their dumplings. They have an octopus dumpling that has such simple yet complex flavors. I also like their regular dumplings tossed in their signature sauces.

    As for the actual place, I'm always slipping and sliding on the floor. It feels like there is grease on the floor everywhere. I slip and slide like nobodies business there (and I've been walking for like over 20 years, so I'm a semi-pro at this).

    The must try items: lychee soju! ginger soy dumplings.

  • 8226 Georgia Ave
    Silver Spring, MD 20910
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    Disclaimer: I went here to get my draynk on. I had no food. I'm reserving a star for the next time I go and get the food.

    I came here with a friend and we had no desire for food because we were on an independent bar crawl. We stopped in and had a delicious Bourbon Punch. It was yummy! It felt like a warm hug with a kiss on the cheek. Seriously, try it. We also had the pleasure of being bartendered by Johnny, who seems to love to craft a drink. He made a drink for us that didn't have a name yet, with Orange, Lemon, basil and gin and other tasty treats (I don't want to give away the recipe). That was soooooo good to. I think it should be called "The Butcher's Slice" It is light and aromatic and great! All the drinks here are crafted at the bar. No artificial flavors or fake stuff. They make Lavender Simple syrup and use bitters!

    I love the ambiance as well. They've been open for 6 weeks, but it feels like it's meant to be there. The layout and design is contemprary yet rustic. They have a room where you can see the meet aging and yet it's classy. They don't have a sign yet outside, but it kind of makes it even better. Check this place out!

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    I love this place. I moved from DTSS and I missed the great food options and the authentic tastes of ethnic food. I had previously ordered from 2 other Chinese restaurants and they both made me VERY sick. Waaaaay too much MSG. But this place was great. I ordered their roasted duck and it was truly yummy. A great helping with an amazing duck sauce. They do not skimp on the helpings.

    I order from here at least once a week since I found the place. I haven't been there yet to eat, but I plan on doing it soon.

  • 12710 Twinbrook Pkwy
    Rockville, MD 20847
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    Okay. I went for their lunch combo special. I got cold soup, hot soup, tea, sides and beef tips for 15.99.  I'm older now, so I've matured. Their veggie pancake was still delicious. And the soups!! Jeesh! It was as if there was some type of tangy crack sprinkled in it! I liked it a lot. My fiancé was more into the meat.

    I'd recommend going for lunch to get your money's worth. It's also quick service and less confusion. Here Spicy is spicy. So don't let pride get in the way!

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    Judging by the amount of food left on the plate and not being taken home in a to-go container, I… Weiterlesen
  • 11425 Grandview Ave
    Silver Spring, MD 20902
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    Tired of buying scarves and hats? Tired of walking in the park and seeing the someone with the same thing you have on? Have a personal style that you can't find on a shelf? Like to work with results?For you, I suggest the Yarn Spot.

    The first time I went, I was just looking around for some yarn to make a scarf. When I left, I had great yarn, a lesson, and a cute dog that comforted my while I was learning. A few months later I went back and I wanted to learn to crochet. I called them and set an appointment. I learned basic skills and was calmly talked through it. A few weeks later and here I am! Making baby hats! All the babies I know will be styling and eventually, with the help of these women. I will be too!

    They have books, guides, lessons, yarn errrrywhere, couches for lounging and working, and oodles and oodles of knowledge. They also sell some pieces like sweaters and vests. The place is a gem!

  • 2100 Country Club Dr
    Sanford, NC 27332
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    This place is beautiful! I was truly impressed by the size of the club and the hospitality of the staff. I went here for a wedding and was pleasantly surprised by the security of the property, the beauty of the landscape, and the space of the club.

    I loved my time here!

  • 2205 Bel Pre Rd
    Silver Spring, MD 20906
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    This is my favorite Starbucks EVER! They are neat, quiet, nice.  I'm never in line for over 3 minutes. And the product is always made to my liking. I've never found a Starbucks that I can sit and relax in, until this place. Me likey

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