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    Listen, just do not get delivery from this place ever. They do put a disclaimer on their webpage about slow delivery, I am well aware. However, the other night, I waited for nearly 2 hours before I had to call THEM to inquire where my order was, and was met with the answer that it hadn't been made yet. It is about 9:45pm at this point, and their solution to this is to ask if I am willing to wait another 45 minutes to get my food. After waiting 2. Freakin. Hours. WTF?

    If you cannot handle both in-store orders, call-ins and online-delivery, it's time to reevaluate and remove one. Can't deliver? Then don't, plain and simple.

    While I'm at it, avoid anything on the menu that is not sushi, thai or most of the apps. Their chinese and teryaki dishes are overpriced and disappointing, but everything else is still very tasty.

    You bummed me out big time, guys.

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    FINALLY! Westminster is adding a splash of culture to it's drab, only slightly better than rural… Weiterlesen
  • 35 Baltimore Ave
    Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
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    I came in for brunch during my previous summer trip to Reho and was just blown away by everything. The food is super fresh and is local, if I understand correctly. Everything is made there and is made with love, guys and gals.

    I had a duck burger and I am not joking when I say it was basically what I ate ALL DAY. I have never been so happily full. I also had s'mores monkey bread that my table shared and that was probably the best/worst decision, too. Plus mimosas.

    The entire meal was indulgent, is my point, but so worth every thing. Make a reservation for any time of day and you'll be thrilled you did.

  • $ Diner
    75 Main St
    Reisterstown, MD 21136
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    If this were just a breakfast joint: 4 stars. But lunch/dinner food is... hit or miss. I had a wrap from here once when I worked nearby and they make up for the kind of bland ingredients by covering it in dressings - not my thing.

    However, I also had chocolate chip pancakes from here too and they were BOMB. So, yeah, breakfast only, friends.

  • 27 E Main St, Rear
    Westminster, MD 21157
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    Though it is a bit hidden, PJ's is a true place to go if you find yourself in the unfortunate town of Westminster.

    The food is delicious, flavorful and plentiful. Mondays boast a salsa bar to try out a nice array of salsas, allowing you to do as I do and eat your body weight in tortilla chips.

    Downsides? Closed on Sundays and it is almost always a wait, as it is cramped and packed up in there. Otherwise, dig in!

    EDIT: They got a new location YAY! They will be moving to a shopping center with a much bigger dining area - congratulations everyone.

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    I mean, it is in the middle of nowhere and I imagine the only way this place gets business is word of mouth BUT it's a decent place. It's very romantic inside, and the service/atmosphere is lovely. The food was alright, nothing spectacular, but I was there for lunch so maybe dinner is more worth your effort.

    If you're nearby - do it up. Honestly, it's better than your other options in this area which are McDonald's, Baskin Robbins or road kill. And when you're done, head over to Sensations just a little to the Northeast!

  • $$ Burger
    1041 Marshall St
    Baltimore, MD 21230
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    Let me preface this: I was drunk and had just come from an awesome ball game with I stumbled in here.

    That being said: delicious! Crazy meats! Fried pickles and alligator! Oh god, happy overload.

    It's a build your burger deal and they have a wide range of meats, toppings, sides, etc. Who doesn't love OPTIONS? (Me when I am drunk, because it turns into a coloring book instead of a survey).

    Go here! It's delicious, in a good location and has an awesome beer selection too (duh I drank more).

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    I still recall my meal here fondly. Back when I was a resident of BKLYN, I checked this place out after walking the bridge up and down on a night that was probably too cold to do so.

    ANYWAY, the meal was fan-freakin-tastic. Two words that always win/clog my heart: Pork. Belly. They do it and do it well. I also remember the amuse-bouche served between meals, it was a parsnip/pear soup (I believe) and it was dreeeeeamy.

    Great place to go with multiple people, the you can justify orders a bunch of stuff to try.

    In typical NYC fashion: loud and crowded basically always. Duh.

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    Oh, what can I even say about this place other than I always leave sweaty, falling over and laughing.

    I have never had a BAD time here, but that is because I NEVER go on Thursdays. Go on Thursday if you want to be dry-humped and groped. ORRRRRR go on Fridays/Saturdays for better DJs, less people and more fun.

    I will go anyfreakintime DJ Mad Science plays because holy balls he is AMAZING.

    Definitely need to go to karaoke sometime, too. But this is always a great time, I adore it. It has a lot to do with the $20 entertainment fee + open bar YES. PLEASE.

  • $$ Diner
    6501 Eastern Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21224
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    I feel odd rating diners as anything other than "okay" because that is... honestly what I kind of expect/want when i go to them.

    Generally, when I walk into a diner, I am drunk and tired and want french fries and medicore/terrible coffee. If you offer those to me, diners of the world, I will like you.

    And that is obviously what was delivered to me. French fries. Terrible coffee. And a pretty good sandwich, too.

    Would I make a point of coming here? Nope. But if I am drunk and in the area (which is not out of the realm of possibility) then we will meet again, BD.

  • 10 Wilmington Ave
    Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
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    This place is AMAZING, and such a great addition to Rehoboth.

    The food was, from beginning to end, spectacular. Our group of 5 got appetizers, dinner, dessert and cocktails. I was not disappointed by a single thing in the whole meal, honestly. And I am a tough cookie to impress with food (maybe a little bit of a snob...).

    Definitely do not pass up a dessert here. I almost never get them, but it was REALLY worth the extra money/calories.

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