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  • 690 S Coast Hwy
    Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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    I had the WORST experience ever at this place. I booked the La Jolla room 6 for 2 nights. I came in at 8:30 pm and noticed the office was locked so I called the number that was listed on the wall. The manager stated she sent me a confirmation letter to my email address, which I did receive so my fault for not checking that email and focusing on my work as a priority. First you need a code to get past the gate and then they leave the front door keys in a lock box (which wasn't locked) after struggling for a while to get it to unlock a gentleman who was drinking outside helped me and finally got it to open. I finally got in put my purse down & went to the car to get the rest of my things. There's no elevator so I knew I couldn't carry my luggage upstairs so I just grabbed the things I needed and went up. This time trying to get the door to unlock was almost impossible I struggled, the same guy outside struggled but the lock kept spinning, his friend tried after he gave up the first guy kept trying until it finally opened.
    I noticed the room had nice but cheap appliances, there was no safe to put my jewelry in, the sheets were still wrinkled and dirty, and when I tried to turn on the tv it wouldn't work. I left the room again (I know I should have stayed but needed some items from the store)
    and when I got back I tried to look up the email on my phone and realized I must have accidentally deleted it. I checked my trash folder and it wasn't there, somehow it got lost in cyberspace so I called the manager again at the 949 # but no answer, left a message explaining what happened (never returned call) I called another 877# no answer so I knew I had to jump the fence. If it wasn't for my stuff being in the room I would have left this nightmare. I was trying to unlock the door AGAIN, woke up a guest & got more help. I stayed the night since I was exhausted. When I woke up I noticed a trail of ants trying to get into my box of chocolates on top of the kitchenette counter, it never stops! I checked out & front desk was on the phone so I just whispered I was leaving room 6 & dropped off the keys and rushed out to class.
    I sent the manager Carolyn an email during a break and explained the issues and she apologized if the instructions were not clear on the confirmation email, wtf? I'm glad its over and you have been warned! There are other hotels at the same price& location where you won't encounter these issues.

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    I was here several months ago. This is a great place to have dinner and then go upstairs to have a few cocktails. The bartender seemed to have an issue multitasking but still decent service. It can get really crowded upstairs which makes it tough to walk around freely. The food is good but nothing specular. It's worth giving it another try.

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    I tried the low cal chicken club which happens to be a wrap. It was completely bland. I had the Dr Matea juice - (spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon juice) which was completely bland too. The cashier with long curly hair had a forced smile too, I will never try this place again, with a cashier that has a condescending attitude and bland food, this place was a complete waste since I went out of my way to try it for lunch. It's located right next to a gym so if you are a member you may want to try it. I gave it a 2nd star just for having organic items on the menu. There are so many other options in the area to try though and I'm sure I can find healthy options on their restaurant menus.

  • 3251 Holiday Ct
    La Jolla, CA 92037
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    I'm confused on how this place gets good reviews. We ordered the pink lady, salmon roll, dynamite roll and lobster roll. Every roll came with imitation crab meat. These rolls tasted like the sushi you get at Von's. Gross. The 2nd star is just for the nice lady. But the sushi is gross did I mention that before?

  • 135 Broadway
    San Diego, CA 92101
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    This place is insane! We came here since I have a few friends that are fans since they claimed it was cheap and really good sushi. Thankfully we waited inside for a table and had some sake and beer. 10 minutes later there was a line out the door. We finally got a table that was way in the back away from the madness. For the most part the sushi met my standards. I ordered dynamite, the deluxe combo, edamame and salmon sashimi. There were so many saucy rolls on the table I forget what everyone else ordered but a few I do recall is the dragon roll, chicken teriyaki (rookie) and spider roll. Everything is tasteful and surprisingly cheap and everyone was happy.
    I would definitely come back but would be prepared to stand in line with some entertaining company and some incognito cups full of sake since I get bored easily, blame it on my ADD. I may also just do take out and make it a movie night at home, that just sounds easier.

  • 560 4th Ave
    San Diego, CA 92101
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    This is a great casual bar with good food and drinks in the gas lamp district. It can get busy at times but have had the luck on finding seats to sit down and have a bite to eat even when it was busy. The first time we went in we had the carne asada tacos which were tasty and my cousin had the carne asada fries which was the first time I heard of those. What a brilliant invention! The last time I was there it was a much quieter night so we sat at the bar and my friend had chicken, yes just chicken since he's in a low carb diet, by the way he almost licked the plate when he was finished, I think he may have enjoyed his meal. They had a special going on certain tequilas so we enjoyed a few. The bartender was a hottie and was really open and friendly. I would definitely come back on a cheat day or if I'm with my tequila loving friends since they have a fantastic selection.

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    I really like this place. The sandwiches, soups, and sides are perfect! The guys that work here are all generally nice. The menu is up on the wall to your right when you first enter. You can sit outside in the patio or inside which is great. I read that some people didn't like the prices but it's almost healthier Mexican food and healthier food generally costs more than the typical greasy food you get at other joints. I would much rather pay for quality than grease ;).  
    It's a little different from other Mexican restaurants which makes it special to me.

  • 1250 J St
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I've been here a few times for breakfast. The food is amazing but the service is a little off. We had a waiter (forgot his name but he's a Latino guy) that took forever to check on us and he took an extremely long time to bring our check when we were done as well. I've picked up before too and the cashier seemed to be in a crabby mood.

    The mission croissant is an absolute must have, apple sausage & eggs are great and the French toast is also delicious. The food itself is worth a trip back but not without sampling the other joints first :-).

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    We stayed at this hotel while we were in town looking for a new place.  We were extremely tired and while we were checking the front desk clerk was trying to find the name and she said the wrong name and city and I giggled since she was really off. Ingrid said I'm sorry for saying you're from Modesto, umm not laughing due to that I'm laughing cause you got the wrong person period. Anyway I was finally found :) and was given a few keys but they were never activated. So annoying! We went back down and got the keys activated this time. The stay itself was nice and we had a nice view of the bay. There was some noise from freight train which was also annoying but I brought ear plugs since my mom snores (shared room) anyway so that helped. The rooms are nice enough and the jacuzzi had strong jets which my back appreciated. We ordered breakfast and the chorizo Benedict was pretty awesome even though the hollandaise sauce wasn't on it. According to the in room dining attendant they ran out?! We ordered a large pot of coffee and he forgot the sugar WTH? Another negative was that I found a few charges from the lounge that were made to my account. A beer and a wine for $3 each that we never ordered. I'm assuming it came from the club lounge (that we never entered) since the cost if drinks were so low. Anyway it was removed but just make sure to look at your receipt when you check out.
    This is a nice, huge hotel and if it wasn't for these negative issues I would almost recommend it but that's not going to happen especially since there's so many other choices.

  • 246 N Canon Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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    I had the bone in filet medium rare and my partner had the filet medium, we shared the seafood tower, lobster mashed potatoes, onion rings and the brussel sprouts. The steaks were very tasty, the bone in was fattier than the filet. The oysters from the seafood tower were not very fresh, and the crab was dry. The lobster mashed potatoes were a good choice and the brussel sprouts were caramelized so not the healthiest but certainly tastier. They have a fantastic cocktail menu and I enjoyed a few flavored martinis from there. The bartender makes excellent cocktails. After dinner we went upstairs (penthouse) where they have fantastic live music and the bar was full, but it was a Friday night. This place is a great choice for both dinner and just to relax at the bar listen to excellent pianists or watch the game. I don't have any major complaints besides the seafood.

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