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    I think this Hilton recently renovated... but that doesn't make it good.

    My room smells like a cross between paint thinner and resin. The window has apparently never been cleaned; it is caked in bird feces and bug splats. My window looks out onto the open roof below, where they apparently put trash bags and old rags. And please don't get me started on the horror that is the bathroom.

    Hey, at least you don't have to pay for parking.

    ...wait, nope, that isn't right. 15$ for self-park, and 18$ for valet.

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    My wife and I visited for our second anniversary; it was an excellent meal. I'm not sure why people complain about the service - it was great. The food was excellent. Service was prompt, and the waitstaff was unobtrusive. Would definitely go back. Thanks for a great night out, Crush 29!

  • 5330 Primrose Dr
    Fair Oaks, CA 95628
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    So, by the time I'm done, I will have completed over half a dozen tests at this location. That being said, it's a little unnerving that the administrators here are starting to recognize me [they've stopped asking, "have you been here before?"].

    That being said, it is a good testing facility. It has moved from its old location at Fair Oaks and Madison to a spot in a second floor office in a professional building, about a mile away.

    There are two testing rooms - a smaller room on the left, and a larger room on the right. There is also a private room for problem test takers - in case someone is being so disruptive to others that they need to be segregated, or for any other reason. The facility has a number of lockers with locks. Be prepared to dump everything from your pockets - lint, toothpicks, you name it. Put whatever you want to see after the test in a locker. You will be scanned with a metal detection wand.

    If you are cold, the facility has loaner jackets. I've been going in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals, since the testing rooms are kept at a pleasant 71 degrees. If you wear long pants, you'll need to pull them up to show you aren't trying to sneak in anything in your socks.

    You can take a locker key and your ID into the testing room with you. Otherwise, depending on the test, you will be given scratch paper and pencils or an erasable glossy calculation sheet.

    If you're like me, you don't like hearing noises when you test - so, on the plus side, each testing station has a number of noise cancelling ear muffs. Who knows how often they get cleaned [but I haven't developed head lice yet].

    Don't use your cell phone in the lobby [they don't like that]. If you have to make a call, do it before your test, in the corridor outside. Bathrooms are directly outside the office door.

  • 6612 Lonetree Blvd
    Rocklin, CA 95765
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    Had probably the worst Starbucks experience I've had to date at this location this morning.

    Ordered a medium caramel crunch frappucino and a piece of bread. Waited for a few minutes (there were maybe 6 people with drinks ahead of me), so, no worries.

    Finally, this younger barista guy puts a drink on the counter - a creme something. Nobody goes for it, and since everyone who was ahead of me in line had already received their drinks, went to check it out. The drink abbreviation on it was CRCF. Hm. I ask the guy if that was my drink, since there were no other drinks behind me, and it would make sense if CRCF stood for "caramel ribbon crunch frappucino".

    "Oh no", the guy assures me. "This stands for a creme frappucino". I ask if my drink is coming up. The kid asks the other barista what CRCF stands for. Lo and behold, that was supposed to be my drink. Ok, messed up drink order. That's annoying but nothing huge.

    I show the guy my receipt, and he looks at it, and starts to crumple it up. Uh... can I get my receipt back? He grunts, and hands me this half crumpled receipt back.

    Next up: he starts to go to make the drink, but comes back over. "Did they tell you we are out of the crunch? They SHOULD have," saying this as though it is my fault that I wasn't notified. An older lady barista tells me they can put some other crunch topping on it, but just not that one. Ok, that's fine. Really, I'm more annoyed at this point.

    Finally I get a drink. Not the drink I originally ordered, mind you, but still a drink. The guy says "Let me go get you a free drink voucher". Hey, I was annoyed up to this point, but that's cool. Thanks.

    He goes off for about ten minutes. He searches everywhere - behind the drink bar, in the office. He even finds time to help take down drink orders at the register. But really, 10 minutes. He comes back and tells me they don't have any, and offers to make me another drink. Uh, no. I don't need any more beverages from this location.

    Dear Starbucks, when you charge so much for a drink, one of the things you have to absolutely nail is customer service. Believe it or not, even if you make passable drinks, people won't want to visit you because of mediocre service.

  • 9055 Marbach Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78245
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    This was fun. I had just put my stuff from Delicious Tamales into my car, and thought, sure - why not? Good call on my part.

    Got inside, and an older lady came out to help me. She expressed that the minimum credit card purchase was 5$, and I said ok. I got a couple things, and asked, is that 5$? "No, just 1.50." Whaaaaaaat. Got some more stuff. We there yet? "No, that's 3$." DANG. I lost my reservations, and ended up with a big bag full of treats for 5$. I'm set for breakfasts for a while.

    The things I've tried so far have been delicious and fresh. Great little bakery!!

  • 1414 S Alamo St
    San Antonio, TX 78210
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    I enjoy my visits to Blue Star. This has been my second, although I would undoubtedly go more if I could.

    The beer list is nice - about 8, including a sour and a cask, which I think rotate. I got a flight, so enjoyed small portions of all 8. The sour was weird - they salted a rim and put a lime on it [don't put salt or fruit in my beer, thank you] -- but on the whole the flight was solid.

    Got the brisket sandwich, which was also good, if a little fatty. The meat was excellent.

    I think why I'm not giving this place higher marks is the service. Both times, it has been on the slow side. This time, I had to ask for water. I know, I've got a bunch of tiny beers in front of me - but I shouldn't have to ask for water. The waitress was not spectacular. My beer sat on the bar for a solid couple of minutes. I felt like walking over and grabbing it.

    So, on the whole, a good local SA brewery. On the river, which was also nice. If you come for beer, you probably want to sit at the bar, since they seemed to get the quickest drink service. If you are also coming for food - it's a crapshoot. Good luck.

  • 606 W Cypress St
    San Antonio, TX 78212
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    Eating at the Cove was one of the most fun experiences dining out I've had. Hold on to your seats - this could be a long one. Bottom line up front: Eat here if you get a chance; don't give it a second thought.

    I'm not from the area, and took an interesting route getting to the restaurant. Pulled into a parking lot, about to turn on my GPS, in the general area because it started lightly raining. Somehow, managed to pull into the right lot [or at least into the lot of the laundromat]; called it a good sign.

    Not really sure how else to describe the experience, since it was a little on the surreal side, but here goes:

    Part I: the Ordering Vestibule. Smaller area, with a grill behind. Had a small wait, but absolutely nothing horrible, considering the 8 or so people in front of me. Ordered my burger [the EggCeptional], paid my bill. Got a number.

    Part II: the Outside. Had asked the waitress where I could get some beer; got an explanation that bottled beers were in the bar around the corner, tap beers were at the bar outside. Huh. Okay. I'm used to places where everything is in one area, but I can hang. Outside is pretty cool - a smaller patio, with the inside bar to the right. Then straight ahead there is a big area - including a good size kids' play set - and an outside bar.

    Part III: the Bar. I knew where I was destined, once I saw it. Maybe 50 [around there?] taps. A ton of local stuff -- BONUS POINTS. Got a sample of some Ranger Creek, then got a full pour, then grabbed a table. Let me note there were maybe 8 people in the bar area, including a guy with a dog [more bonus points - they have a dog run next to the bar -- how awesome is that??]. Drank my beer, waited for my food.

    Part IV: the Flood. All of a sudden, it started dumping. Dog guy goes running off. I think I'm used to the tamer weather where I'm from, but I mean, it was nuts. A ton of the outside area, covered by a mesh fabric, was letting water through. The bar area, covered by something solid, was not. Was nice to sit there, mostly out of the rain, drinking my beer. I see dog guy running back, with a couple trays. Turns out it's my food, and he's an employee. Hey, that works. He sits down, soaked, after giving me my burger. A kid at the next table asks to pet his dog; they start talking about dogs. Another employee suggests I should move, since the gravelly area we are sitting in has started to fill up with water.

    Part V: the FOOD IS AWESOME. SO AWESOME. I'm so glad I ordered what I did, although I have no doubt anything else I could've ordered would have been just as great. The egg was perfect. The meat was flavorful. The beer washed it all down well. Sitting there in the pouring rain / some sort of flash flood [complete with thunder and lightning], eating a burger and drinking a beer in a strange city. From my perspective it's hard to top that, as far as eating goes.

    So, this was long winded. And I doubt I would have another experience like this in the future. But I bet ANY experience I could have here in the future would most likely be great. So much so that I'm strongly considering going back tomorrow. Long story short: EAT AT THIS PLACE. The food is excellent. The people are nice. The beer list is thorough. Really glad I came here tonight. Thank you, the Cove. You made this visit to San Antonio an especially great one.

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    Delicious [tiny] Tamales To Go...

    I walked in, and told the lady I wanted to order three tamales. She looked at me confused, then suggested I order more, demonstrating the size of the tamales with her hands. I think I'm not used to the authentic tamale size, because I received what looked like thirds of tamales [I actually went back in because I thought they didn't give me the right number, but they had]. On the plus side, they were only 75c each, so when she suggested I double my order, I did -- and I sure am glad.

    The tamales themselves were delicious. Hey, they should call their place "Delicious Tamales". The pork and chicken had great flavor and were moist; the spicy pork had the right amount of seasoning. Also got a side of their homemade salsa, which I [nearly] ended up drinking. 6 tamales with salsa and a Big Red cost around 6$. Agree with the previous reviewer; they were out of 3 kinds of tamales at noon, including the sweet, which I wanted to try. Oh, well. All the more reason to go back tomorrow.

    If I hadn't eaten breakfast today, I think I could've devoured a dozen, easily. As it stands, the half dozen was a good amount; I'm satisfied, but not stuffed. Good lunch!

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    This was incredible. It really was.

    I skipped lunch today, which always makes food taste that much better. I jumped to a conclusion on the menu - which wasn't a terrible thing, in my opinion. I ordered the sausage pizza with egg on top. My tiniest sliver of a complaint would have been that the egg was a little overdone - but in the big scheme of things, that was such a minor issue, it doesn't even really matter.

    The pizza itself was one of the greatest pizzas I've ever eaten. The house-made sausage was seasoned to perfection, and it included thinly sliced onion and pistachios [whoever thought to put pistachios on this pizza is a genius]. The egg pushed it over the edge.

    Following the incredible pizza, the waitress didn't have to try hard to convince me to have the panna cotta. Can you guess how it was? I'll tell you - brilliant. Rich, smooth, with a light caramel sauce and a mixture of lightly cooked raisins and cranberries on the side.

    The location itself was a little unexpected, in the middle of a stripmall. Not many seats inside - maybe room for 30 at most -- but with a nicely designed interior. Would come back here in a second. Total for dinner was $30, before tip. Totally worth it. Waitress was attentive; great meal.

    Side note // tip for the guy at the table next to me -- when taking a girl on an an early numbered date, don't try to compare an Italian style pizza to Domino's.

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    You know, I told myself I'd visit a couple more times, see how Diony's was after a few days... but I am way too excited to review this place.

    A five-minute walk from my hotel, I'm kicking myself for never having visited here before. The storefront is small, so could probably be easily missed if you were driving here. The inside is nice - and makes it pronounced that the owners are Columbian, and love old John Wayne movies.

    But you don't go to a restaurant for the old movie posters, you go for the food.

    And go back for the food.

    And go back for the food.

    Because the food is incredible. You can't beat the prices - I paid 4.95 for huevos rancheros, that came with bacon, beans, potatoes, and tortillas. And the tortillas were amazing - handmade, still hot - and the eggs were cooked perfectly. They have daily deals for breakfast, which I am definitely going to try. Got an orange juice, which ended up being pricey [total bill was 7.75], so I am just going to stick to water or coffee tomorrow. [I am looking forward to tomorrow's breakfast already.]

    The people working seemed to know most everyone who came through the door - it really doesn't surprise me that they have a loyal following. I still can't believe I hadn't come here yet, and I can't see a future trip to San Antonio without regular visits to Diony's.

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