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  • 749 Moreland Ave SE
    Atlanta, GA 30316
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    A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to go to Spoon last night. I didn't argue since it is right down the street from my house in Ormewood Park. Why have I never been here before? I'm almost ashamed of myself for not supporting a neighborhood business that's A. So close to my home and B. so SO good!

    The inside is super inviting and the staff was extremely nice. I loved the Artwork and the tables against the wall would be ideal for a date night with my husband. There were only a couple of tables that were filled, but based on the daily specials that our server let us know about - we were there on the wrong night!

    We ordered a bunch of food and just shared as a table. For appetizers we had the Spring Rolls, Vegetable Tempura and a bowl of Coconut Soup with Chicken. The fried food came with dipping sauces. Everything was amazing!

    For dinner, we split the Pineapple Fried Rice with a vegetable add-on and the Pad Thai with Chicken. We went with Medium Spicy just because we didn't know what their heat index was all about. Medium Spicy was just my speed. Just enough heat to not overwhelm the flavor of the food. Needless to say, we devoured most of the bowls. There was a bit of Pad Thai left.

    So, they have their desserts on display on a big chalkboard over the bar so you can stare at it all night and contemplate which one you want. Well, as full as we were, we couldn't resist the Fried Green Tea Ice Cream and the Blueberry Spring Roll. Both came with a Lychee (a Chinese fruit) and the Blueberry Spring Roll came with Coconut Ice Cream and a peach purée. We all swore we were only going to have a couple of bites and we ended up cleaning the plates. Everything was terrific.

    Did I mention we were starving when we walked in?! Spoon cured us of that. Great place! I loved it! I will definitely come back to eat at Spoon. I don't even have to get into my car to get there!

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    Meh. I'll stick with Mi Barrio. I know what I'm getting when I order there!

    The service was good. We were one of only 3 tables in there, so I'm not sure what its like when they are actually busy. Our server was very nice and attentive.

    The food was definitely not the greatest and extremely overpriced, in my opinion.  I had a tamale, which was huge - but the detail on the menu did not state that there was cheese on top or in the tamale. Also, the menu fails to tell you that there are raisins in the ground beef mixture for the tacos.

    Be more specific with your menu so people know what they are ordering, please!

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    Magical hands. Amazing bedside manner. Deborah is my new best friend.

    I injured my shoulder about a week ago and was in constant pain. I found Deborah on yelp, read her reviews, and made the call. Boy, am I glad I did. My shoulder is happy again. No more uncomfortableness for this girl.

    I've never been one for deep tissue massages, but this time - it was absolutely necessary. Deborah used the right amount of pressure to force the knots and tension right out. And also gave me a relaxing full body massage within my hour. Completely in tune with my needs.

    So, you're wondering about my shoulder pain, right? Well, it's gone. There's a slight trace of discomfort just from her working out the knots, but I feel like a new woman! Oh, and I totally made another appointment right after the first session.

    I highly, highly recommend Deborah. Great price for a great massage. She even threw in a free hug. You can't beat it!

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    It really stinks that this place is SO terrible because its in my 'hood.

    We decided to give it another chance because of Scoutmob, but it still disappoints. We waited 20 mins just for the server to bring MENUS. Food was cold when it came out. All the sides were dried out.  Oh, and the server never bothered to ask how it was after she dropped it off. Probably because she already knew the answer.

    Automatic grat on the table after the Scoutmob.

    Oh well. I'll stick to Vickerys next door.

  • 313 Blvd SE
    Atlanta, GA 30312
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    I keep driving by this place, so I finally stopped last night to check it out.

    So glad I did! Burgers are HUGE and cooked just right. The fries were delicious and the portion was enough to feed my whole family (3). Staff was friendly and engaging while you wait for your food.

    Since I work right down the road, I will definitely be back!

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    Okay, so I know I probably should lower my expectations when dining OTP. I know I should - but I can't.

    We were on our way to pick up our 6 year old from Grandma's and decided to go to a restaurant in Suburbia. My husband and I picked Longhorn, since we always see the commercials and everything looks amazing when you have had a couple of whiskeys in front of the TV.

    We walked in and the place was not packed, but they were on a wait. So, we decided to hole up at the bar. Why not? I'm a bartender and love to sit at the bar when we don't have the little one with us. Really. Bad. Decision. The bartender, Christopher C was less than enthused to see us.

    We asked for Bloody Marys and got one. While it was tasty - it had no celery. Who serves BM's without celery?! This was the least of our worries. The celery-less BM was probably the best thing about our whole experience.

    While we were there waiting for our food, we over heard Christopher C question his service to a group of people that obviously didn't tip him. I guess they got the hint and did leave him a little something - but now I know why they probably didn't tip him. He was so unhappy! He proceeded to tell the people next to us why he questioned his service and then told them that their bill was $100 and he felt OBLIGATED to tell them that they jipped him. I have been a bartender for MANY MANY YEARS and if I ever showed my butt like that in front of a customer, I wouldn't have a job anymore. And I work for a very NON-corporate restaurant. Very very unprofessional, Christopher C!

    So - all this being said - we haven't even gotten our food yet. The food came out and the chicken was rubbery and the topping was melted on the top layer but the cheese was still in shredded form on the bottom. My asparagus was so over done that it just disintegrated in my mouth. He took the asparagus away (which is a 'premium' side that costs $1.50 more) and gave me the mashed potatoes. He never took the premium side up charge off of my bill.

    So, it was time to go and he asked me if I wanted to put my untouched chicken in a to go box. I refused and told him that it wasn't very tasty. He took it away and returned with my check, which had no discount on it whatsoever. Now, this is where I got upset.

    I'm in the restaurant business, and I never, ever ask for discounts or comps or anything like that. BUT me being in the industry - if a customer didn't touch their food or said they didn't like it - you bet your ass that wouldn't be on the check anymore and they wouldn't even have to ask for it to be taken off. This is the first time in many, many years that I have left a 10% tip and Christopher C was lucky he even got that. But I didn't want him to question his service because then he wouldn't have liked what I had to tell him.

    Needless to say, I won't be giving my money to OTP restaurants again. Especially to Longhorn. Did I mention I never saw a manager, EVER?!

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    Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Icing...phenomenal.

    I stopped here on a whim with my six year old. I didn't even realize the place was vegan until he pointed it out to me.

    I will definitely be back. The whole cakes are too delicious and inexpensive to pass up.

  • 15614 Front Beach Rd
    Panama City Beach, FL 32413
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Oysters were delicious! But, the night bartenders were rude and slow.

  • 245 North Highland Ave
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    By far the best and cheapest pedicure in Atlanta!

  • 1238 Dekalb Ave NE
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    FBBBQ is my grandfather's go-to restaurant when I ask him to meet us for dinner. He will drop everything he's doing for their ribs. : )

    I am a fan of the FB Burger. Delicious! And I've tried every side they have and haven't come across one I didn't like.

    The staff has always taken care of us.

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