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    Note: We are NOT vegetarians and are in fact serious meat lovers.

    I wish I had reviewed this place when I first ate here earlier this year because there were a couple of dishes I loved and a couple that were bleh.  When we went for the 2nd time today, I tried re-order those previous dishes we really liked but couldn't remember what they were, but here's what we had this time:

    Caramelized Chicken - served over a bed of spinach. It was hard to believe this wasn't real chicken because it had the perfect texture and look.  Chicken came in large cut strips, stir fried in a thick sauce that topped over rice nicely.  Very flavorful.

    Sauteed Garlic Beef - served over greens with a light lemon dressing.  The beef came in the form of little breaded cubes with a deep-fried shell, but not at all oily.  This I would not have recognized as beef.  The "meat" within the breading had a processed texture, like beef or fish balls.  I think it could have been called chicken or pork instead of beef and nobody would have questioned it.  Nonetheless, it was a good dish.  Very light in flavor, almost bland at times, especially when paired with the powerful flavors of the caramelized chicken.  You really had to eat the "beef" on its own to appreciate the light seasoning.  The lemon dressing paired well with the salad.

    Both dishes were very good and I would order them again, depending on whether I wanted something with a lighter flavoring (garlic beef) or something with a heavy sauce (caramelized chicken).  As a devoted meat eater, I didn't feel any lack in the fact that I wasn't eating real meat.  These dishes satisfied in the same way real meat would have.  I appreciate that no animals had to die for my culinary pleasure, although I also recognize that these fake meats are probably very heavily processed and maybe not really that healthy.

    3 people shared the above, with 2 portions of white rice for about $28  A nicely filling meal that didn't leave us feeling bloated.  I love that the meat dishes included healthy servings of green leafy veggies, something we tend to skip over when we eat out.  Service was excellent.  The server guys are always a gem.  The restaurant was clean and tasteful and pleasant to eat in.  Will definitely return.

    Side note: I went shopping at a local asian market afterwards and saw the exact "meats" I ate here in their uncooked, packaged form.  Eew.  Kudos to Golden Lotus for transforming something so nasty-looking into something so appetizing.

  • 2404 Mahogany Way
    Antioch, CA 94509
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    With the advent of Japanese, Thai, Filipino, and Vietnamese restaurants in Antioch/Brentwood over the years, the one missing link I continually bemoaned was the lack of Korean food.  Enter Bob Sang.

    Came here Saturday afternoon to order take out.  Service was very friendly and big plus for that.  Food-wise, well, I guess it just depends on what you're used to.

    Combo BBQ plate - this comes with all 3 meats (beef, pork, and chicken) in a bento box with 6 little Korean sides (kim chi, steamed bean sprouts, jap chae noodles to name a few).  The sides were ok, with the noodles being the best.  The kim chi didn't have enough vinegar for my taste.  White rice on the side.  The portions of meat were very generous, definitely enough for 2-3 meals.  And while they tasted good, they weren't great.   The bbq meats were almost identical to the ones that L&L Hawaiian BBQ sells, with the pork and chicken melding better with the marinade than the beef, which tasted a little too oddly sweet.  I know a lot of people would enjoy these meats, but for me, it's just nothing that special.  I've had better in Berkeley and Walnut Creek.

    Bi Bim Bap - I'm no expert when it comes to this dish.  I only remember it from my college years when my male friends would order it.  This was one of their staple Korean meals.  But I thought I'd give a try.  So disappointing.  They asked if I wanted it cooked in a stone pot.  I wasn't sure what difference that would make but I said yes ($1 extra).  Since I had this to-go, it wasn't served in a stone pot obviously but did have a slight smoky flavor and some burned rice at the bottom which I assume came from being cooked in one.  If you're a hard core Korean food fan, this might make a difference to you.  For me, I actually would have probably preferred the dish without that smokiness and char.

    So bibimbap is essentially rice topped with a nice runny-yolked egg, some bbq meat bits, and a bit of those Korean sides (steamed cucumbers, steamed bean sprouts, etc) and bits of seaweed.  This dish was soooooo bland.  The amount of meat was almost non-existent, which is where I think the dish failed.  The egg yoke provided some moistness and flavor but not enough.  It basically felt like I was eating a massive bowl of plain rice with 1 egg and a bit of garnish.  Good thing the combo bbq plate had so much meat so I could take some from there.  Definitely not worth the $12 and not something I would order again.

    Jap Chae - these are stir-fried clear noodles.  You get a bit as a side in the bbq plate, but without any meat.  Ordered on its own, there's meat.  Portion was VERY generous.  This was my favorite dish, probably because I have a weakness for noodles.  At $9, I found it a great value.

    I don't know why everyone is complaining about the high prices.  I don't find the prices high at all.  $35 for 3 dishes, and each dish enough for 2 meals.  Prices seem very reasonable for the portions you are getting.  

    I'm sure we'll return to try other things eventually, and I would definitely recommend you give this place a try.  While not what I would call stellar food and we will probably never be regulars, it does fill a void in this area with food and I think the average local resident here would enjoy what Bob Sang has to offer.

  • 35 Crescent Dr
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
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    I was excited to try this place out after reading all the positive reviews since I love Mediterranean food.  This place is just like a Mediterranean Chipotle, which is across the street.

    I got the bowl, boyfriend got the pita, both half & half falafel and chicken.  We were both disappointed.  

    Shwarma chicken - just ok, nothing special

    Falafel - very good but not outstanding. High point of the ingredients.

    Pita - We got to try a sample, which was nice of them, but I wasn't impressed.  Maybe because I just don't like untoasted bread/pita.

    The other fillers were pretty basic.  Salad greens, couscous, chopped cucumbers/tomatoes (not enough tomatoes), hummus, tahini sauce, "hot sauce" which was not even 1% spicy to me, a few other things I can't remember.  They had this eggplant mush, which I wasn't crazy about at all.  I added the feta cheese for the extra 75 cents, which helped to redeem my bowl a bit.

    Overall, the ingredients themselves were fine.  But taken as a whole, I really felt it fell flat.  The hummus drowned out everything so there weren't any layers of flavors. Yet without the hummus, everything would have been really bland.   A good tzatziki sauce would have done wonders.  Marinating the chopped cucumbers and tomatoes in some red wine vinegar would have also brought out some different flavors so the dish didn't taste so bland and one note.  I had some leftover and when I ate it at home, I added some lime juice and that alone made a big improvement.

    Note: if you're ordering the pita, realize that ingredients are stacked so you can't mix them together like you would in the bowl.  So you'll get a mouthful of only 1 or 2 things at a time.

    Baklava was good. Light and flaky, and not heavily sweet, just the way I like it.   Service was great, welcoming, prompt and friendly.  The employees get a big thumbs up. I saw one of them helping to a table a mom who had her hands full with a toddler, baby and baby stroller.

    Mediterranean is one of our favorite types of food and we eat it often. Maybe that's the problem.  This place just doesn't live up by comparison.  But I guess it is fast and convenient.

  • 3220 Lone Tree Way
    Antioch, CA 94509
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    24.9.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Dr. Campos retired earlier this year.  So sad.  More than sad--heartbroken!  Dr Campos was one-of-a-kind.  EVERYBODY, just everybody loved him.  Patients, staff alike.  He deserves his early retirement, but I seriously wanted to cry when I heard he had retired.

    Not a fan of the new dentist and would not continue to go there if not for my wonderful hygienist, Jennifer.

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    12.3.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Still coming (and looking forward to coming!) to this office twice every year for dental cleanings… Weiterlesen
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    10.2.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Update 2/10/2009:

    Been to see this office 3 times now for cleanings and xrays.  I still LOVE them.…
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    12.5.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I've come to expect certain things at any dentist's office.  Long waits, hurried service, and… Weiterlesen
  • 1021 Detroit Ave
    Concord, CA 94518
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    I'm actually not a fan of chocolate.  (And heck no, I didn't admit that when I attended the chocolate class.) Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable class.

    It's not actually chocolate "making" though.  You're just coating and decorating chocolate pieces.  Rather foo-foo in my opinion (and this coming from somebody who enjoys foo-foo crafts).  Imagine fondue with sprinkles on top.

    What I most loved about the class was Rachel's enthusiasm for chocolate and chocolate making.  It was such a breath of fresh air as well as an honor to listen to somebody so utterly passionate about what they do.  While I don't really like chocolate, I loved Rachel's love of it.  She was fun to listen to, always upbeat and with a great sense of humor.

    I would recommend this class if you and some friends or family just want an enjoyable hands-on event to participate in.  Rachel does give tips on making chocolate candies at home, but I didn't really see this an educational class--more of a fun, useless thing to simply enjoy.  Rachel's passion for chocolate is so apparent even a blind person could see it, and I sense she gives these workshops to share that passion with you.  It's a noble thing.

    And of course you take home all the chocolate you've decorated, which is practically worth the price of the class already.

    You can of course purchase ready-made chocolates at her shop as well as the ingredients to make them at home.  This isn't Hershey's crap either but high-quality stuff.  And from what I saw, the prices were surprisingly reasonable.

    Note: you do need to cover your hair with a hair net, which are provided.  So if you have long hair, you may want to come with your hair tied back.  And any men with beards, you'll need to cover them with a beard net, also provided.

  • 1721 Alhambra Dr
    Antioch, CA 94509
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    6.9.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Ordered delivery again last night and the food was just ok this time.

    Crispy whole sole - made totally different than the other 2 times we ordered. Before it was just lightly breaded.  This time, it was so heavily breaded and deep-friend that you could barely tell there was fish underneath all that.  Heart attack waiting to happen.  Loved it before but would not recommend anymore.  

    Honey walnut prawns - both bf and I agreed, it had a slightly off flavor in the mayo sauce.  Very subpar compared to the ones we had when we last ate at Asia Kitchen, and the honey cashew prawns from Lone Tree Thai.

    Crispy chicken - very dry.  This dish tends to be dry no matter where I order from (which I think is how it's supposed to be) but this was VERY dry.  Still ok, just have had better.

    Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce - taste was fine but they should have peeled the skin off the bigger stems because the skin is very thick and fibrous there.  I had to spit it out as I ate.

    Bbq pork chow mein - typical chow mein.  

    Salt & pepper chicken - pieces of chicken, battered and deep-friend, tossed in salt & pepper seasoning.  Very bland.  I don't think I would have realized this was salt & pepper if I hadn't known in advance.  It came free with our order.

    Overall, this was a disappointing meal.  Total was about $57.  Portions weren't massive but good.  There were only 2 of us so tons of leftovers.  Guy on the phone was nice and had no problems with delivery.  But the food was so subpar this time, I don't think we'll be going back unfortunately.

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    6.10.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Earlier today I was starving with too much work to spend any time making or picking up lunch.  I… Weiterlesen
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    Ordered the lunch special for take out today.  What a deal.  $5 for your choice of meat, a side, a soda, and a piece of plain bread.  Portions are much bigger than I was expecting at the price.  The special ends at 2pm.

    Catfish - really good! Nicely seasoned and fried.  I ate it lukewarm (because I had to finish a project before having lunch) and it was still delicious.  The fish was cut thin so there wasn't a ton of catfish flavor but the breading was great.

    BBQ brisket - brisket was lean and tender but unnecessarily drowned in bbq sauce.  Next time, I'll ask for the sauce on the side. The bbq sauce was of the sweet variety and after a while, it became too sickeningly sweet for me. Others may prefer this type of sauce.

    Cole slaw - generally hate cole slaw (esp that crap at KFC) but this was pretty good. I would actually eat it.  However, I recognize this is more of a personal preference.

    Potato salad - also not a big fan of potato salad in general but this was also good.  Heavier on the mustard than most and maybe that's why I liked it more.  But again, more of a personal preference.  

    I can't comment on service or atmosphere since I wasn't the one to pick up, but I look forward to trying out some of their other stuff. Everything we've had so far has been solid and the lunch special price can't be beat.

  • 2775 Willow Pass Rd
    Bay Point, CA 94565
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    Made a special trip to Bay Point just to try out this place.  Ben (?) was really friendly and food was prepared quickly.  We had a bacon burger, bacon cheeseburger, fries, onion rings, and a soda for about $17.  

    Everything was perfectly fine but nothing to write home about.  Beats the fast food chains, including in-n-out (don't understand the hype behind that), but pretty much tastes on par with the other local burger joints like Hazel's and Jerry's.  The burger isn't any better than I could make at home.  No more than the sum of its parts (ie. bread, lettuce, tomatoes, patty).  Patty was thin and a bit dry. Well done and juiceless.

    As my boyfriend said, it's like all the local burger places buy their burgers, fries, onion rings, etc frozen from the same place. All they do is prepare it so it all comes out tasting the same.  No complaints whatsoever, just nothing that makes it stand out above the other places that are closer to home.  Of course, if you're in Bay Point, this may be the best burger offered there. I can see it being a tradition for the locals.

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    Dark, hidden hole in the wall but for fresh, relatively "affordable" seafood, this is probably your best (only?) bet in the area.  I remember the owner telling me years ago that he picked up his seafood fresh every morning from Fisherman's Wharf.

    Don't expect culinary masterpiece here. Things are simply made, not much seasoning.  So for example, crab salad is a really basic salad with your typical veggies and dressing. Nothing special except for the huge pieces of real crab that adorn the top.  

    Prices are high in comparison to other delis but certainly not when you consider you're getting FRESH seafood. Factor that in and I think for the most part, prices are pretty reasonable though by no means a "deal". Ambiance is a little dim and could be depressing.

    Whether you enjoy the food here is mostly just based on what you're used to.  I grew up in SF eating crab and shrimp all the time, so neither really impresses me that much.  But my boyfriend, who had very little fresh seafood where he grew up, loves it. He adores shrimp and real crab meat, while I find crab meat rather bland.  The crab salad I mentioned above I would never order for myself, but I got it for him last time and he enjoyed it.

    It seems like a lot of the negative reviews for the crab sandwich here are due to its blandness.  Well, guess what. Crab IS bland!  It has a very delicate flavor. We recently tried the crab melt on sourdough roll ($12) since everyone seemed to rave about it. As another reviewer mentioned, we asked for "lightly toasted" but I don't think that made any difference.  There were 4 big chunks of crabs (which is pretty sparse), covered with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  It was pretty bland (as expected).  Tasted much better once we added salt & pepper and squeezed some lemon juice over it (we ordered take-out).  I actually think the plain dungeness crab sandwich would have been better (and cheaper). The cheese on the melt, though rather bland itself, was enough to overwhelm the flavor of crab.  Would not order this or any other crab item again--just seems too pricey for what you get, considering you can get a whole crab at Costco for about $15.

    If you're impressed by unadulterated fresh seafood, you'll love this place. I love the clam chowder, but I love clam chowder in general.  I had their garlic bread last time and that was good.  I'm not saying anything here is "the best" but it's very good, generally fresh, and the place fills a niche in the area. I've been to Fisherman's Wharf tons of times and this place is comparable in taste to many of the casual eats there.  Even though the place is a little depressing, it always feels like a fun treat to order food from here just because they offer something very few, if any, other local restaurants do. We'll be back when we're in the neighborhood to try some other things.

    And as other reviewers have noted, cash only!

  • 750 S Rampart Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89145
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    It's been close to 15 years since I last ate at a Cheesecake Factory, and that was in SF.  I was visiting my sister in Vegas, and apparently they order takeout from here often.  So that's what we did.

    I was trying to be "healthy" so ordered the Santa Fe Salad.  What was I thinking?  McDonald's makes a really good Santa Fe salad with breaded chicken (probably totally not healthy).  I actually kinda love it, though I don't go to McDs often. I was hoping TCF, with their reputation, would have a version just as good. But no, it was just what I imagine a "healthy" salad being.  Lackluster in flavor with not much to recommend it other than the fact that it was relatively healthy.

    My sis had the apple pork chops.  She really liked it, though I personally am not a fan of sweet savory.  The mashed potatoes were excellent, which I remember from my visit 15 years ago.

    My brother-in-law had the Davinci pasta dish, which is one of the 2 dishes they said they almost always order (the other being the shrimp scampi).  I only had a taste but my god, that was good!  It really didn't look like much because the sauce seemed fairly light, but the flavor was amazing.

    Cheesecake tiramisu. Drool.  I like cheesecake and I like tiramisu but I don't generally love either.  I LOVED the cheesecake tiramisu.  Fluffy and light, all 3 of us agreed this was utterly delicious.

    Portions were huge for all the entrees and well worth the price.  If I ever go back to a Cheesecake Factory, I need to remember:  Davinci & cheesecake tiramisu.

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