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    I went to this place based on my uncle's recommendation. We chose Wednesday to go because they have all you can eat spaghetti on Wednesday for $9.95 per person.

    This place is good for a date night with a significant other. Especially if you like Italian food.

    We started out with some very good bread served with oils and balsamic vinegar. My meal included a salad. Which was nothing special at all. I was impressed that the cheeseburgers are served on homemade rolls. The spaghetti was very good. I also ordered the New England Clam Chowder. However, I thought it was rather salty and had a lot of potatoes. So when ordering, be careful not to fill up before dinner.

    Dessert was also good. I shared a piece of chocolate cake with my girlfriend. It was very rich, but not too rich.

    The bill only came to $53 for a party of 3. I was expecting a higher price so I was satisfied with that.

    I will definitely return to try their other dinners.

  • 90 Broadway
    Port Ewen, NY 12466
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    A slight trip back in time while visiting this place. The interior has the black and white checkered floor with classic red and chrome colored seating.

    You can go for a diner, lunch, breakfast, or dessert. I have yet to try the breakfast, but I've had the ice cream and the burgers. Ordered the firecracker burger medium rare. Which was not dry as another reviewer had mentioned. Also ordered a bowl of the Manhattan Clam Chowder. It wasn't out of this world, but I did enjoy it. Expect diner style food at this location.

    Ice cream can be ordered inside or at the outside window. Soft serve is good. They also have various sundays, milkshakes, etc. The ice cream is nothing to go out of your way for. There's nothing special that you wouldn't see at any other ice cream parlor.

    I'd say it's worth a stop if you're in town and if you're in the mood for once cream. For those traveling 9W, this is only a quick detour out of your way. You can literally see 9W from their parking lot.

    Classic cars use to gather in the parking lot various nights of the week. From what I've heard, there was a slight argument between the business and the customers who rode in with these vehicles. So they retaliated by no longer showing up.

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    Nothing too special, but it has a lot of activities.

    Best part for me is it's a good place to bring the kids as it's right down the street from where I live. They have swing sets, jungle gyms, a very small hiking trail, horse shoes, and a couple of sports fields.

    There is a pavilion as well. You could have a family get together or a birthday party here if you wanted to. Parking is limited however.

    Just down the road is George F. park. It's near the water and has a much larger area. Most would prefer that location over Ross park for these reasons.

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    A last resort option for me.

    This is called a "discount" beverage store, but I'm not sure where the discount is. I personally thought the prices are rather high.

    They do have a good selection of drinks and beers. It's where I use to get the Mike's lemon drops and screwdrivers before they stopped making them.

    If I didn't live in Port Ewen, I wouldn't occasionally stop in. It's definitely not something to go out of your way for.

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    An excellent spot to grab an egg sandwich.

    For those on the run, they have several different egg sandwiches premade. They'll reheat them for you and you'll be on your way in minutes. Fresh sandwiches can also be made on request.

    Sausage, egg, and cheese is very good. Several pastries are also available and they sell Boices milk products. Coffee is also available around towards the back right hand side of the store. My grandfather stopped here everyday for years on his way to work to get his cup of coffee.

    Their lunch menu has many custom sandwiches with interesting names. I've yet to try their lunch specials. However, it is on my list of things to do. Along with picking up a bottle of that "Danger Men Cooking" hot sauce that they sell.

  • $$ Pizza
    186 Broadway
    Port Ewen, NY 12466
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    Good prices and good pizza.

    We order quite a bit of pizza from this restaurant. They have 14, 16, and 18 inch pies all at great prices. A 16 inch cheese goes for a little over $10.

    The cheese they use on their pizza is very thick. I'm a fan of the thick cheese myself. The only other meal we've ordered was the meatball parm sub. It was a hit and miss. The first time it was good, but the second time it was a little dry. Cheese fries are just fries with sandwich slice cheese laying on top... Not a fan. I'd stick to no cheese on the fries. The pizza has been consistently good though.

    When placing an order, expect to wait a while. They're orders run slower than the normal pizza place for some reason. The average wait time I've gotten for one cheese pizza can be up around 30 minutes. Also, don't be concerned if you're going to be a little late to pick up. You'll still wait an additional 10-15 minutes when you get there.

    Plenty of indoor seating is available for those who would rather eat in. Credit cards are accepted with no minimum that I'm aware of.

  • 176 Broadway
    Port Ewen, NY 12466
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    An excellent spot for Chinese take out when living in or near Port Ewen.

    I enjoy their combination plates. Sweet and sour chicken is my go to meal. My only complaint is that I'd prefer the sauce to be a little thicker. It's very watery.

    Can't pass up an order of the crab ragoons either. They're very crispy and don't have too strong of a seafood taste.

    Other than that, it's your basic Chinese food restaurant. Prices are okay when ordering the combo plates. You do get a free pint of pork fried rice with every order over $20. Cash only.

  • 47 N Front St
    Kingston, NY 12401
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    I went to this place based on all the 5 star reviews it received on Yelp and the one thing I learned is that Kingston has very low standards when it comes to food.

    Try the chicken everyone said.  It'll be the best fried chicken you've ever tasted.  Seriously?  Their chicken had literally no flavor what so ever.  They even served it with honey.  Almost as if they're saying, "Yeah, our chicken doesn't have any flavor.  So here's some honey to add some to it."  The chicken my girlfriend makes blows this fried chicken out of the water.  What the hell do you people see in it?

    Next order of business was the size of the portions they give you.  Did you use an ice cream scooper to serve those mashed potatoes?  I finished them before I even knew they came with my meal.  They were good mashed potatoes, but they just weren't there.

    The place is also very small and they try to cram as many people in as they can.  With the current setup, everyone who gets in and out of the chairs will have to stick their asses in faces of the people next to them.

    Then the bill came.  What the hell?  Two dinners, no appetizer, no dessert, and only one drink, because my girlfriend forgot her ID, came to $62!  That's right $62 for terrible fried chicken, two small scoops of mashed potatoes, my girlfriend's meat loaf, which was good and is a reason why this place is getting 3 stars instead of 2, a long island ice tea, and two glasses of water.  In Lake George we ate at a place called Porreca's.  There we had an appetizer, two large portion dinners, two long island ice teas, a jack and coke, a glass of wine, and two desserts for only $20 more.

    I left Boitson's feeling like I was ripped off and disappointed.  Would I go back to try it again?  Yes, but I'd stay clear of the fried chicken and order something else and with the pricing, it'll be during a special time.  Not just for an average night out.

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    I gave this place three visits. The first visit was terrible, the second visit was terrible, and they chose to go out with a bang on my third and final visit.

    Lets begin with the half an hour we had to wait between the time we ordered our food and the time we actually received it. I sat and watched people receive their food before me who came in and ordered after me.  A few friends of the crew members came in and were immediately given preference over every other customer. They made their friend's food before other customers who had come in and ordered before them. The entire crew was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. After each meal they made, the crew would discuss which order they would make next. Usually basing it on simplicity. Just make the food in order you dumb asses.

    So after we got our food, that tasted like plastic, I had to go back to the counter to get a forgotten sauce. I found myself waiting in line just to complain to the manager. I was literally waiting my turn to complain behind someone who was already complaining.

    This is a failure of management. No body knows what they're doing or what they're suppose to be doing. One crew member seemed to think that if there was no customers in line, that he was allowed to BS with his friends who came in to eat. Only to run back when a new customer showed up in line. There's plenty of other things you could be doing when there are no customers in line. Cleaning the feces covered locked stale in the women's bathroom that was discovered by my girlfriend is a great example. I hope these worthless crew members don't make a dime over minimum wage. They don't even deserve that.

    I would love to see this place shut down. Popeye's chicken sucks and tastes terrible. A Quizno's would be perfect here as it goes hand in hand with the nearby Starbucks. Screw you Popeye's I'm going home... and having grilled cheese.

  • 48 Canada St
    Lake George, NY 12845
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    What happened? This place is obviously a hit and miss.  I came back to this restaurant for breakfast based on my experience in 2010.  It didn't even come close to meeting my expectations this time around.

    I was wrong about the view.  Depending on what side you sit on will give you the more clear view of the lake.  However, the food this time was in reverse.  Before I said the food was good and the pastries were bad.  This time around the pastries were at the top of the list.  The scrambled eggs I loved so much two years ago were cold and bland.  As was everything else.

    I won't be coming back here again.  The service was okay with making sure you had enough coffee and other beverages, but the food quality was just not there.  The breakfast we had the following morning at Cafe Vero was not only cheaper, but much better.  White Lion charged us $25 for a breakfast for two during Americade weekend.

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    I enjoyed the breakfast they provided. It's done either buffet style or you have the choice of… Weiterlesen
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