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    My name is Andy, and I can't even get service at Andy's Tofu House.

    I would have loved to tell you about the food here, but I can't.

    Me and the GF came last night looking to fulfill our Korean tofu craving. We walked in around 7 PM, half of the tables were empty, but not cleared off. We stood there for a minute or so when a buser came out to clean the table.

    We finally sat down after one of the tables were cleard off, and we sat and waited..... and waited..... and waited...... for approx 10-15 minutes.  There were people working in the back but none of them even poked their head out to see if someone is here, or anyone of their current customer need service. Nor did the buser bother to let the people in the back know someone is here.

    No one brought us menus, water, or even acknoledged us the whole time we were there. The bus boy didn't even bother to look at us when we left.

    We went to Satomi. They actually have people working there.

  • 107 N Milpitas Blvd
    Milpitas, CA 95035
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    Having lived in San Diego area before, I'm a bit of a self-proclaimed Mexican Foodie. I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!

    So..... La Milpa...... *drooool.........

    IMO, is the best Mexican food place hands down in the East Bay area. Even tho I live 20 minutes away with numerous Mexican joints nearby, I continuously find excuses to go out to Milpitas so I can eat there.

    **Tip: nothing like a little Spring Valley Golf with La Milpa to follow up.

    First thing I always order is a half order of their guacamole with the chips and salsa they serve you right when you sit down. The guacamole is the perfect texture of not too runny, and not too chunky. Very close to the best guac I ever had.

    Their menu is extensive with almost all the usual stuff you expect to find at a Mexican joint. But my favorite/go-to is the Chimichanga with carne asada. Be warned, there is a lot food. If you're really hungry, you should be able to finish it and be completely satisified....... Otherwise there is enough for 2 people. Service is always very friendly and pricing is very reasonable.

    If you're fan of Mexican food, this place is truly legit. I have never left here disappointed.

  • 46847 Warm Spring Blvd
    Fremont, CA 94539
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    Uh there is hair in my soup......

    The food was very ok. In an area saturated with Chinese food, this place is very average. The service was quick so might be good if you're in a hurry on your lunch break. The price is also very good. But the quality of their lunch special was certainly not exceptional. The hair in the soup kinda clinched it for me.... ewwwwww

    I will not be back.

  • 144 N Catalina Ave
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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    Here is a chronicle of my though process from my visit to The Standing Room:

    11:30 - damn I'm hungry, and I crave a burger. Let me check Yelp.

    11:32 - Hum, Standing Room? 4.5 stars? Yelp has never done me wrong.

    11:45  (arrive at liquor store) - WTF...... They are serving burgers in a liquor store? Should I just go to In-N-Out? I don't want to die..... eh screw it, I'm here, and I'm hungry. Let's live dangerously.

    11:47 (walk into liquor store and walk toward Standing Room area) - holy crap, there is a mini kitchen in here. Is this technically legal? The menu looks legit..... Dressed Burger looks good.....  1/2 lbs burger with sprout greens, caramelized onion,  egg, Korean aioli...... *drool...... you had me at aioli. Let me order that.

    11:55 (finally got my burger) - man, that took a little while, and I see why they name it "Standing" Room as I stand there and waited. But they do make every burger to order. Oh well, let me take this burger to the seating area outside and enjoy this sunny day.

    11:58 (first bite) - ok this may be the best burger I ever had. Only way this get better is if the Kings win the Stanley Cup tomorrow (which they didn't).

    12:00 - I need more napkins, this burger is juicy and the egg yolk is overflowing, I need a splat mat.

    12:03 - nom nom nom nom

    12:06 - Lunch complete, I better write about this on Yelp and advise everyone in the South Bay.

    12:10 - New business idea - wedding chapels inside liquor stores.......

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    I used to REALLY REALLY love this place.

    First the food. My usual: Jimmy's Skillet with rice and it is consistently awesome. I always order the beignets too, and it is as good as advertised. It is like eating a cloud of sweet deliciousness.

    Jimmy's Place is hidden in the corner of the plaza across from Union City Bart station. Not the most desirable area as you regularly see questionable characters hanging around the area. But since they are open only the morning till afternoon, it's never unsafe as you would be at night. They also have seating outside, so I always bring my dog and sit outside on a sunny day.

    Here is my only problem with this place, and it's kinda a big one. This place is family owned, and they use to have their daughters wait the tables with Mom and Dad working the kitchen. They were awesome. They were friendly, fast, and efficient. It was my place to go for breakfast on the weekends. HOWEVER, recently, they have another Asian guy waiting the tables. He is nice, but most of the time, he's running around with his head cut off. The manner which he is working really make me and all the customers feels stressed out. The food also came out so much slower since he started working. Last time, it took over 45 min for the food to come. I personally think he forgot to put in our order. Tables are slow to be cleared, and I noticed many customers sitting and waiting for food, bill, or waiting for him to pick up the bill. I waited so long for our bill and I went inside to pay to save time, he even had a hard time locating our bill. Someone need to play some Diner Dash and learn how to run the show more efficiently.

    It seems like this guy is just inexperienced. The food is great, price is reasonable, but I just don't know if I want to deal with this slow, inefficient, and stressful service . I recommend calling in and order food to go.

  • 1290 Benton St
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
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    This is my "little Italian place I know"

    I am a creature of habit, once I find a place that serves good food consistently, I will go back, over, and over, and over again. I'll even order the exact same thing. Mio Vicino is my comfort food.

    The service is always very good and friendly, but be aware of the Friday/Saturday dinner crowd. It does get crowded and you'd most likely have to wait outside in the cold as there isn't much room inside (if you have to wait, I usually order a glass of wine to keep you warm). The place has a family owned, cozy atmosphere. Waiters/waitress are usually cheerful and more than happy to help if you have questions or need suggestions.

    They always serve the bread first with cloves of garlic. I'm a big fan of garlic, but those of you bringing a date, you might want to skip this part. Take a look at the specials on their board and see if anything there strikes your mood in addition to their normal menu.

    My thing is the Chicken Fettuccini. I always ask them to add mushroom, and they are always happy to accommodate.  The sauce can be a little thick for some people's taste, but I like how filling it is. I had pizza here and the cannelloni a few times and they are all good or very good. Everything is prepared to order.

    The price is reasonable, especially for non-chain restaurant. You can expect to spend $15-20/person for dinner and I always leave happy with the food and service at Mio Vicino.  Just don't go there when I go, I don't want to fight you for the tables.

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    Jerry the owner has done several jobs for me in the past and has always done the job on-time, with great quality, and very competitive prices. He's my go to for any painting related jobs for my home or business.

    Jerry use high quality paint and very knowledgeable. I had an issue with some dry rot wood that I was just going to have him point over, but he told me about the proper way of treating it to prevent further rotting and save me more money down the line. His prep work and clean up is great as well, and always make sure the job site is well secured before leaving.

    Simply said, Jerry is an experienced honest painter that has your best interest in mind regardless of the size of the job.

  • $$$ Tapas
    1704 Washington St
    Boston, MA 02118
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    Best Tapas place EVER!

    Decide to make this the last stop on a weekend trip to Boston area at lunch time. It wasn't that crowded and was seated right away.

    Everything we had was pretty awesome:
    - Aceitunas - AMAZING! so much flavor, a must have
    - Tortilla Espanola - I'm determined to make this. Awesome with alioli
    - Cauliflower a la Plancha - yes please
    - Maiz Asado con Alioli y Queso Coija - I hate eating corn, but the alioli an flavor on this was so good, I didn't mind getting my hand dirty for once
    - Asado he Huesos - Bone marrow. Altho it was lunch they were nice enough to make it for us!

    All this washed down with a glass of white wine.

    Can't say enough about how delicious everything was. I thought SF have a lot of good food, but this place is easily one of the best restaurant I ever been to. I was so full I had to be rolled into the car :)

    Service was great, the waitress gave great recommendation and very attentive. She didn't give us the "everything was good" line, and really made the experience special.

    If you're in the area, make sure to make this a stop!

  • $$$ Hotel
    1314 Mckinstry Street
    Napa, CA 94559
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    What a great experience. As a bay area resident, I always felt like it a bit of a waste to stay in Napa, as it's only ~2 hour drive away. But my stay here exceeded my expectation and changed my perspective on a what a Napa weekend trip could be. There is also

    The Good:
    - Complimentary valet parking! I thought I was in Vegas! But don't forget to tip the valet a few bucks
    - No added fee for pets. The main reason I stayed here. Very god friendly. Have a grassy area with plastic bag dispenser for your convenience
    - Heavenly Bed for dogs! Ya, this happened
    - Complimentary bottled water in the room
    - Each room come with a mini kitchen (fridge, microwave, sink)
    - Close to downtown Napa. I drove, but I think you can walk there if you like
    - Friendly - all the employee are so friendly and helpful, from the valet to the front desk to the housekeepers

    The Not so good:
    - They charge a facility fee, which they disclose upon check in. I was like ~$20/night which was not part of the original booking fee. I rather to know this upfront, felt like I was kinda conned into paying this. What am I gonna do? It's already late and I'm not going to re-plan my weekend for $20

    Awesome place to stay for a little local weekend vacation. Especially if you have a dog to bring with you. Comfortable beds, updated rooms/decor, with friendly service. If you can shell out a little extra for a night stay in Napa, it makes your Napa experience so much more enjoyable.

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    Was there last night on their first soft opening day. With their official opening day on Saturday 5/5. NOTE: 50% off on their official opening night!!

    As you'd expect on a soft open, there was a lot of kinks to work out from the service standpoint, but the potential is certainly there.

    The tables are large, unlike most shabu place, where you have to find space for all the plates, sauces etc on the table. The quality of meat seem decent and the vegetables are fresh and presented nicely on a plate.

    The negative from the visit is just the service time, took them a while to initially get our vegetable and meat, but was running faster later on.

    They gave us 20% off to make up for the service kinks. I'll be back after they officially open and work out their floor/serving procedure to give a more accurate rating.

    I'm happy there are more shabu shabu place in the east bay!!

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