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  • 93 Devine St
    San Jose, CA 95110
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    Dr. Vu is an exceptional chiropractor.  I first started going to his practice a couple years ago to treat some back problems I had from playing sports and rock climbing.  After my first session, it was a noticeable difference in my neck and back that had been plagued by pain and soreness.  His prices are very fair, and the office environment is very relaxing and pleasant - almost like I'm in some day spa (although I can only imagine, because I've never been to one myself.. only seen day spas on TV).  I've go back every few months when my back and/or neck gets tweaked, and he's always able to fix the problem.  I highly recommend him.

  • 14831 Pierce Rd
    Saratoga, CA 95070
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    Awesome Elite Event.  Thanks to Connie, Jessica, and the rest of the Yelp team for organizing this great event.

    The food was delicious and there was more than enough for everyone (sometimes that's not always the case).  The drinks looked like they were pretty tasty too (I was driving and the road to the Mountain Winery was hella freakin' twisty, so I decided to play it on the safe side and just stick w/ water).

    Also had plenty of fruits and some icecream cake things for desserts.

    The concert seemed pretty kew too, but unfortunately, we couldn't stick around for much of it, because my guest was feeling pretty sick.  So had to cut out early.

    The staff there was very pleasant and other yelpers were pretty chill too.  A few of the people seemed to only want to stay in their own lil' cliques, so that was kinda lame.  But most people were pretty friendly and nice.  I only wish there were more tables and chairs set up.  Overall, still good times.

  • 4 Embarcadero Ctr
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    I've been MIA from Yelp for a long time, because work has been so busy.   After my experience from lunch here today, I have to get a review out on this place - it's my duty as an Elite Yelper.  

    I'm really on the fence between giving this place 2-stars vs. 3-stars.  I went with 2.4stars for now, because I chalked my first experience here to sub-par service.  Here's a brief summary of my reasoning:

    Went here today with some colleagues for birthday lunch.  Heard great things about this place, so I was expecting a lot.  There were six of us and we ordered 6 plates.  The waiter asked us if we wanted to eat it family style (i.e., everyone shares everything ,rather than individual lunch plates) since we had a large party and we all agreed.  He NEVER pointed out to us that the price would be different ,and there was NO indication on the menu that this would be so... but more on that below.

    -First started off with some beef appetizer, which they only gave us 5 pieces, even though there were 6 of us.  It would've been nice if the waiter had pointed this out to us when we ordered (doubtful he even knew about this - really should though.. .. points off right there. .but no one is really keeping track of points).

    - Food is good, definitely congrats to the chef and kitchen staff.  This food is delicious and every plate we had (pad thai w/ prawns, some beef dish, lemon-grass chicken, pumpkin curry, pineapple fried rice) was tasty and filling.

    - Price - unusually high.  What really pissed us off is we were given our  bill, and the waiter said that there's a $5/plate additional charge for having it "family style because the portions are bigger"... The portions were at most maybe 1/4 more than usual.  But adding on an additional $5/plate is just ridiculous.  
           There was NO indication anywhere of this on their menu, and the waiter never informed us of this at any point when we ordered.  Hella points off for that.  We told him that they could not charge us for that, because it was his mistake, as well as the restaurant's - not ours.  After several minutes of fumbling around with the manager and/or hostess, our waiter came back with our revised receipt.  The corrected receipt went from ~$130 down to ~$98, $30 difference is substantial.  And of course, this already included an automatic 18% gratuity charge.  Tip would've been less if it was up to us.

    Of course to add insult to injury, the staff told us next time that we need to ask if there's a difference in prices for having "family style".  That was a very retarded comment, considering it's their job to know the prices and policies of their own restaurant.  In addition, if it's not stated anywhere on the menu, and the waiter does not make us aware of these different pricing policies, patrons should not have to assume anything... I would think that's just common sense.

    - Wait staff definitely need to work more on their knowledge of pricing and policies.  I gave them 2-stars because of the waiting and bill, not because of the food.

    So in summary, the food is tasty & delicious, the staff seems to need to work on their knowledge of the menu and pricing policies.  Above all else, double-check the charges on your bill, because chances are, they might add additional fees on there that you might not be aware of.  Would I eat here again?  Probably because the food is good, but I definitely would scrutinize every item charged on the bill.

  • 2600 Alpine Meadows Rd
    Tahoe City, CA 96146
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    Woohoo!  - I just had an awesome day of snowboarding at Alpine Meadows w/ few buddies yesterday after the big storm.  Adult lift tickets cost $56/person at SportsBasement (although I've been told you could score some tickets for $50/person at Costco).  I took off work on Tuesday as usual, got home, packed up and drove back to San Jo to pick up my snowboarding gear.  Had dinner back in San Jo then headed up to San Mateo.  We didn't go to bed till ~1am - woke up at 3am and started loading the car and makin' our journey up to Tahoe.

    Roads nice and clear, hardly any traffic (considering it was the middle of the week, I would've been surprised and pissed if there was heavy traffic).  We got to Alpine Meadows and were able to score parking right in front of the resort @ 8am.

    The weather was nice and sunny, lifts were open, no crowds, and did not have to wait in line.  I lost my camera during my first run, because I hadn't gone snowboarding in over 3 seasons, and I've never been in such freakin' light powder.  So kinda bummed that I lost some great pics, and now I gotta buy another camera.

    I spent the day tryin' to get used to carving and the speed of boardin' again, so I stayed on the blue squares (too scared to try black diamonds).  This resort also has a nice section of ramps and boxes for you to do jumps and grind on - next time, I gotta hit up this spot.  My buddies are hella more experienced than me, so they were able to make 2-3 runs before I even finished one run down the mountain.  I got stuck in the powder several times, and it really wore me out struggling to get loose and back on my way.  Buddies also threw snowballs at me to get me movin' again - thanks a lot guys - you bastards.

    By the end of the day, we were all hella exhausted, stopped by Auburn to grub on some In N' Out.  I was super-exhausted, and didn't make it back to SF till around 11ish last night.  Spent a whole day at work hella sore all over, so was it all worth it? - Yep :^D  I'm plannin' on comin' back up to Alpine Meadows again next week.

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    Aufgelistet in Yelp Events I've Attended

    Last night's Pink Party was pretty kew.  Gotta start off by saying thanks to Connie C. and the rest of the Yelp crew for organizing such an awesome gathering :^D

    The venue was nice, drinks were flowin', delicious food (shrimp, fried calamari, pasta w/ chicken, tomatoes w/ mozzarella cheese, chicken salad, onion rings, and some other foods I can't remember.  

    Surprisingly it didn't get too crowded during the night, which was a relief.  People were chill nicely dressed in pink.  My friends and I each had a few drinks, no idea what they were since the bartenders were just mixin' up random drinks and passin' it out.. all were tasty, and I think all had Skyy Vodka.  The night flew by hella quickly.  Overall, great elite event to start off 2009.

  • 1006 E Santa Clara St
    San Jose, CA 95116
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Went here this past weekend w/ my buddies that just came back from their honeymoon in Mexico.  Wasn't sure what to order, but I was craving some Korean food, so I opted for the Korean BBQ rice plate, which was $8.50 + tax.  This dish was ok, although they really scrimped on the veggies (only one piece of lettuce and a few strands of carrots - come on now guys, I'm sure you can afford a bit more veggies than that).  The beef was okay, although I've had much better.  Next time, when I'm craving Korean BBQ, I'll go to an actual Korean restaurant.  I gave this place 3-stars, because it was very roomy and the staff was friendly and helpful.  Oh yea, also ordered the Xin To Bo (Avocado shake - yea it might sound odd to some people - trust, it's good).  It was particularly good here,because they had something different in the tapioca which made it taste somewhat like cookie dough.  Overall, not a bad restaurant.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Went here this past weekend for a buddy's birthday party.  I was pretty hesitant on going to a club in the suburbs, because my past experiences with clubs in the suburbs weren't fun (all lame).  Unfortunately, this was just as lame.  My buddy had 2 booths reserved, as well as a few bottles of greygoose, yet they still ended up charging people on his guestlist $5 to get in.  Anyone that got in after 10:30pm had to pay $10/person - LAME.  

    The venue is really big, but it had a really small dance floor, and it did get packed with people later on in the night.  Oh yea, did I forget to mention that it mostly an Asian party - lame.  So yea, there were a bunch of lil' cliques, and the vibe just sucked.  I left around 1ish.  The girl-to-guy ratio was like 1-to-10, if I wanted that type of ratio, I'd just stick to partying in downtown Man Jose.

  • 343 Sansome St
    San Francisco, CA 94104
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    29.1.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Been having cravings for burgers and chicken sandwiches more frequently, so been going here more often.  The burgers, sandwiches, and salads are great (reasonably priced as well).  The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the location and convenience is unmatched by other burger restaurants.  Oh yea, didn't want to forget mentioning the curly fries - order the curly fries w/ every meal, they're freakin' awesome :^D

    3.0 Sterne
    11.7.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    These burgers (and chicken sandwiches) are pretty tasty, but they also are pretty pricey.  The curly… Weiterlesen
  • 330 E Hamilton Ave
    Campbell, CA 95008
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Stopped by here this past weekend with some friends after we realized that TGI sushi doesn't open till 4pm on Sundays.  I'm always hesistant to try out new sushi restaurants, because I like to support the restaurants I already frequently go to (especially in these harsh economic times).  This place is huge (like 2-3x the size of TGI sushi down the street), plenty of parking, very clean, and friendly & helpful staff.  

    I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality and portions of the sushi at this restaurant.  We ordered a bunch of the rolls including:  the Ebay roll, Salmon-skin roll, Dragon roll, and some others that I can't quite remember.  Also had an order of fresh oysters - delicious, and had an order of the salmon terioyki lunch bento box.  At the end of our meal, they also gave each a complimentary scoop of tasty green tea ice cream.  Although the sushi rolls that we ordered were great, I hope they add more variety and interesting rolls to their menu in the future.  TGI sushi down the street is still my favorite sushi restaurant (in all of CA).  

    Overall, I was quite impressed with this restaurant and I would definitely stop by again sometime.

  • 706 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Hooray! - I'm part of the Elite '09

    Can't wait for the 2009 Yelp Elite Events ;^D

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