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  • 409 Skokie Hwy
    Lake Bluff, IL 60044
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    These people are crooks.  I went to open my car, which was in a parking lot in Highland Park, and the remote wouldn't work.  I then opened the door with my key and the alarm went off.  I thought if I tried to start the car, it would reset the alarm. Instead it completely locked up my car.  I called Mercedes and they said it would have to be towed.  The gentleman from towing company I chose told me that he has seen this many times and my car went into theft mode.  And the only way to reset it was to take it to the dealership.  On our way to Knauz Mercedes we went.  I was treated really well by guy in the service center, who gave me a car to get back home.

    The next day I received a call that they could not get my car to start because I needed a PSE Pump.  The cost to replace would be $1348.  UGH!!  I was also told I had needed a right ball joint $250. Steering shock $172. Transmission cleaning $508.  But those could wait if I did not want to spend the money right now.  

    I was SO tempted to just let them take care of the PSE and figure out the rest of the stuff.  But I decided to call another service center.  I was told if I did need a PSE, the part would cost $580 and $150 to install.  I would have to have it towed from Knauz to the new location, which I got a quote for $75.  And while it was going to be much more effort than I was interested in, and I was still going to have to pay Knauz the $140 for the diagnostic test, I decided to go ahead and do it. I figured the effort was still worth saving $400 - which Mercedes was simply going to put in their pocket and call me a fool.

    So I called Jim, the uber friendly, extra compassionate service guy who wanted to take care of me.  I told him I would be in to pay the bill and the tow truck would be coming in the morning.  

    MIRACULOUSLY an hour after that call, he called to tell me that my car was able to start.  So, I went up and drove it to the new service station to still have it assessed.  

    They ran the very same diagnostic test and called me to tell me that - except the ball joint, there was NOTHING wrong with my car.  

    It basically boils down to exactly what the towing company told me. My car went into theft mode and they reset it, and made up a $1348 issue that they hoped I would fall for.

    I could not be more disgusted by the behavior of car repair businesses trying to take advantage of people who know little about cars.  I am appalled that this happened at a company that carries the Mercedes brand.  What a shame.  I am sure I was not the first. And I am certain I will not be the last.  

    You should absolutely reconsider if taking your car to this dealership.

  • DJs
    2023 N California Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
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    Style Matters graciously agreed to DJ a recent event for our childhood cancer foundation.  The entire group was kind, accountable, timely, accommodating and a simple pleasure to work alongside.  Duke, the DJ assigned to our event, took time to learn the sound system that needed to be managed while we did a presentation during the event.  He choose a perfect song selection that made our event fun for all of our guests.  We were so pleased and grateful to have such a great organization supporting our cause and we highly recommend them for any event.

  • 1953 W Roscoe St
    Chicago, IL 60657
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    The last time I went to Jay's Cleaners I said to myself, I will never go here again. They overcharged me. They told me they did not have my dress and I had to continue to tell them they did and eventually they found it.  And during the entire interaction, they were rude.  But today I needed a dress shortened and I was driving by and against my better judgment, I went.  As I was putting on my dress, I realized that it didn't have a hem, so I really just needed it cut.  When I was getting ready to check out I asked how much and they told me $25.  I told them that was too much and that it didn't needed to hemmed, just cut.  The husband said something to the wife in their native language and she proceeded to take out the pins.  She did not explain why it was going to cost that much or that she understood that I didn't need it hemmed but that was what they charge.  So after she took out the pins, she handed me the dress without a word or looking at me.  

    I have always been overcharged here and they are never nice.  It would be a mistake to do business with this couple.  Drive a few more blocks and take it to a cleaner that believes in customer service and appropriate pricing.

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    We were really excited about touring the wineries in Sonoma via bike.  We felt it would give us a much better experience than being driven around in a car.  And we were right! This was such a fun tour, with a little bit of exercise, and great wine tastings! Our tour guide, Matt, was awesome! He had so much knowledge about the area and it made the experience even that much better.  

    We definitely recommend Sonoma Valley Bike Tours.

  • 1318 Cobb Ln S
    Birmingham, AL 35205
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    Recently a work-related trip took us from Chicago to Birmingham.  We had never been there so we were in search of great things to do.  Unfortunately, what we found on the internet was not helpful.  I am not sure how this did not come up on any of our searches.  A random conversation with a valet let us down the little brick road to the Blue Monkey.  We were not sure what we were going to get into, as the valet explained it was the basement of a house with little rooms where people just hung out.  And when we walked in, that was exactly what we found. We ventured to the back where they had couches, tables, chairs, and a really great piano player.  The place is adorable and unique and romantic.  If seeking a great lounge, this is the place to go!

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    Coming from Chicago, we were looking for a great place to have dinner and we certainly found it! We did not have a reservation so we sat in the wine bar in the back.  We found it to be even better than the main restaurant because it is cozy and more dimly lit and less chaotic.  The food was amazing.  The wine selection was extensive.  The desserts were delicious.  And the final bill was unbelievably low. We absolutely loved this restaurant and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful dinner.

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    My dog is not a fan of getting groomed. So I am always apprehensive about taking her in. But D Spa is such a great place. Everyone is so nice.  They treat her so well. Her hair always looks great. And I am so thankful that they do not cage her at any time.

  • 212 W Superior St
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    SpotHero is an amazing service. If you live in Chicago, you know how difficult parking in the Loop can be during the weekday.  So when I have visitors to my downtown office, I send them to SpotHero.  They do not have go around the block over and over hoping to find street parking and they do not have to pay the extreme drive up prices.  They know they have a space that is convenient and that is affordable. The options fit everyone's budget.  The process is simple.  The instructions are clear and I have saved a lot of money using SpotHero.  I am so thankful for this amazing site that offers a great service to Chicago parkers!

  • 4808 W Wilson Ave
    Chicago, IL 60630
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    I highly recommend Move-tastic.  They were highly competitive with their pricing, accurate with their quote and really accommodating.  Our team, Mike, Mark and Marvin were so friendly and worked consistently to get everything moved in a quick and efficient manner.  They wanted to be certain everything was done well, and according to our needs, and quickly.  If you are looking for a great moving company, with great employees, you must use Move-tastic.

  • 743 W Irving Park Rd
    Chicago, IL 60613
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    I had previously rated this place as a 5 star but I have to change it, as the hygiene is lacking.  I have to ask that they wash their hands before my eye brow threading, even though they had just been eating food in the service area.  (And not just food with a fork, rather food that they were eating with their hands and licking their fingers.) I had been going for some time but I will not be back.

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