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  • €€ Hotel
    boulevard Brand Whitlock 101
    1200 Bruxelles
    3.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In Erster Beitrag

    There is no elevator. There was a baby crib in our room that blocked the walk way around one dude if the bed bad window. Breakfast was good. The front desk gal was pleasant but not the most helpful with directions from the airport. Inaccurate. Overall the stay was okay.

  • 5.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In Erster Beitrag

    Great view and breeze while eating. We ordered a mixed seafood salad, salmon taco (looks more like a burrito), mezd plate. All were very tasty. Oh and a banana/apple/peach smoothie with extra ice.

  • 712 S Santa Fe Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90021
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    Beautiful, hip and loud atmosphere located in the old Heinz Ketchup building for my birthday celebration. BTW, they were fully booked, but took us as a 9:30pm reservation. Upon arrival the hostess was pleasant and our waiter was cheerful and knowledgeable. The waiter shared with us that the chef rotates seasonally. This detail alone motivates me to return.  The sommelier visited for all of one minute, didn't really make a recommendation, we ended up asking our waiter.  The bottles of wine are affordable, and compliment the price point of the dinner. The platting of the food is beautiful. My date and I ordered the salmon along with assortment of smaller plates. I would say the food is good, but is about 25% more expensive than their DTLA competitors for the same type of dishes.  The check came in a lock box, which is a cool subtle detail. All in all it was a very good experience.

  • 4164 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    Tucked in a small area of sunset junction looks sketch but its legit. I really wanted to love this place since it walking distance from my place, but it was not a place I would return. Super friendly staff. It's definitely has no-frills. If you like having a little Thai lady attempting to give you a massage then give it a go. I wanted to have my knotted lower back, shoulders, and neck attended to but I walked out needing another massage.

  • 5.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    The service is a bit slow, but the food makes up for it. During first visit there was no seating available except the communal table. When I went to order on a Sunday at 630pmish they were already sold out of chicken wings & corn on the cob. Get here early folks! So strange for a chicken spot to sell out of chicken. The self-serve warm honey sauce is delicious and plentiful. After eating here I am not motivated to eat fried chicken anywhere else in the area. The batter is light and super crisp. Now the biscuit is perfectly flakey and soft and warm on the inside. Pairs well with the warm honey sauce. Walking out of here I was so stuffed. Burp.

  • 4.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    My 4 girlfriends and I went here for brunch during Coachella weekend 2, and it was crazy packed. There is plenty of parking. However, the front desk had a clip board to take names. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of seating they accommodate. With about 20 people waiting to be seated we were seated in 15 minutes. Fantastic. We had a very sweet waitress consider there were 5 Chicana's barking requests and orders to her. The food was tasty with the exception of the fruit plate. The hazelnut French toast and spinach omelet (add bacon) were tasty! Overall the service is pretty fast, and attentive considering it was packed with other concert goers. This is my new spot for breakfast or brunch the next time I am attending Cochella.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    A nice place with a limited seating area. They have a goal to serve organic and local products. I ordered for here, a coffee and avocado toast. So early in the morning I prefer to drink out if mug not a paper cup. As I was sipping out of my paper cup I looked around and everyone whose who was eating here also had paper cups. Well that is not right? So I asked the cashier if are had a mug? Answer was yes. Thank goodness! A mug is part of dine-in experience. Too bad I had to ask. They want to be organic and local but seem want to create more rubbish than dispose of.

  • 3322 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    Food is great but their hours suck. First time I went the food was tasty. Then I walked back on a Friday night, where they had a sign closed for "Friday, Saturday and Sunday" for both Coachella weekends. All good, hipster owners wanna party or make food in Indio, fine. Well I walked back on Monday and the sign was still there, and they are still closed. Based on the signage they were supposed to be open for business Monday through Thursday before the next Coachella. Now I am wasting my time twice, to get this type of customer service? Lame customer service or mismanagement of the eatery. I really should have learned the first time and went to Thai town instead of supporting my neighborhood and walking to the new local Thai spot. Grrrr.....

  • 3129 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    I went on Sunday morning ordered a couple tacos (pork belly & rockfish taco), chips and salsa, and a cup of coffee. I got the coffee with cream and sugar. Strange thing the sugar was served with in a plastic container that usually is used for take away teriyaki sauce. She didn't' give a spoon to myself or my friend.  So I asked, when another waiter brought me a spoon it was a huge sauce spoon, and he apologized for not having a normal spoon or a small stirring spoon.  Weird. Anyways we asked for a refill of coffee and the waiter came back saying the coffee maker is now broken, and there will be no more coffee. Strange again, for a Sunday morning? The rockfish taco was good, the pork belly was horrible. Burned to a crisp, and had some weird kale on top of it.  The tortilla chips were super greasy and the salsa was tomato sauce. I told the waiter about no kick or chili in the salsa, and he said it was mild, and there is no chili or jalapeño in it. He suggested I add the table jarred hot sauce into bowl. So strange.  Plus I had asked to for the chips and salsa to be brought before the food, but guess not. Not returning, its not that good, and the service is strange. They are not good at breakfast.

  • 5041 Eagle Rock Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90041
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    I have a 2008 MINI and had not gotten a oil change in a year (don't drive many miles). I went here because of geography to my Glendale office and the ratings and reviews. Based on the reviews I did call and make an appointment (3 weeks ahead of time). Glad I did, because I got there super early on Thursday and there were 3 customer in front of me. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. I arrived at 8am and was out of there a little after 9am. They have wifi. Yay! Seems like they have well trained technicians and the place offers great rates. I received exceptional customer service by Paolo. He even walked me to my car gave me a recommendation of where to place my next oil change-mileage-or-date decal. If you drive a MINI and looking for a auto repair shop I recommend this place.

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