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Danke 14.2.2014
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That is so true! I have had terrible experiences there...and its not like you save a lot of money.

Super Autor 31.3.2013
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You've got the write stuff, chica!

Cool 2.3.2012

cool.  i might check it out the next time i'm in atlantic city.

Danke 25.2.2012
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THANK YOU for posting that review of Tropicana! How insulting to have the housekeeping supervisor insinuate that it was YOUR problem for not bringing your own linens. I also have a Trop horror story that I posted as a review. What's even more insulting is that Tropicana has a representative posting "thank yous" to reviewers who said nice things about them...and not a word to myself, you, or Emily.

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