Komplimente an Karen

Danke 18.11.2014

I don't know but these are yummy tacos.

Cool 5.11.2014

Have you enjoyed your time as a 2014 Yelp Elite? We've sure enjoyed having you!

We're rounding the corner to 2015, which means the Elite Council will be making their picks for the new year. Hopefully during this busy time you can put your best foot forward, and of course if you have any questions about the re-eliting process, feel free to hit me up!

Lustig 3.11.2014

"Gold, Ponyboy"

That just totally cracked me up!

Cool 1.11.2014

Whooop Whoooop!!! HUGE congratulations to you on your super awesome, well-deserved, YELP-tastic ROTD! Keep up the great writing!

Super Autor 1.11.2014

Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite, All are on their rounds tonight...Happy Halloween & Congrats on your ROTD!!

Lustig 31.10.2014

Nice ROTD, Karen!

Heiß! 31.10.2014

Congrats on the ROTD Karen!  Me. Wooden is a cutie!

Super Autor 31.10.2014

Congrats on your ROTD!  Also thanks for the info on the Pancreas thing in dogs, scary. I gave my hubby a stern lecture today!

Super Autor 31.10.2014

Your ROTD just killed me from cuteness overload. Thanks a lot.

Heiß! 31.10.2014

Congrats Karen on your Gold Star review!!

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