Komplimente an Lisa

Cool 15.10.2012

I just took a class here for the first time last week. Definitely looking forward to returning :)

Noch mehr! 3.4.2012

First review of '12!

Cool 10.7.2011

Right on! Will have to bookmark.

Cool 15.11.2010

I really have to get in here!

Cool 30.6.2010

crazy talk, indeed!

Cool 18.9.2008
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Thanks Lisa!  I'm all about free truffles!  :)

Super Autor 2.7.2008
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I liked your review of the Holiday Inn Mills House!  Sorry if I freaked you out a little bit.  :)  I'm glad to hear you had a pleasant trip out there and enjoyed the hotel also.

Noch mehr! 21.2.2008
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this todd english guy must be on to something. we ate at a restaurant bearing his name at JFK airport and it was really good. at an airport no less!

Cool 2.1.2008
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I'm from Charleston! Stoked you had Sweet Tea for the first time!

Cool 29.12.2007
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No, no, no, no, no....you must, MUST, have the prosciutto with fresh mozz. I swear, your life will be changed forever. Not that I'm overhyping it or anything.

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