Komplimente an Michael

Nur so... 9.9.2013
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You're review of Sam's Sandos, made me jump with joy! SOO glad that you feel the same way I do... Rock hard bread, big dollar signs, bland flavors, nasty attitudes (staff) and at times, rather unhygienic... Once went in there, waited for a minute for help, because the lady was smoking... She never washed her hands befo0re touching my sandwich! Yuck!

Anyhow, great review.

Lustig 7.10.2012
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For your review of karnak:
"Oh don't worry..I'll get us a couple b**tches we can take back home".  I was like "Uh..who's home?  I don't KNOW you"
OMG I died laughing

Cool 1.5.2012

I adore all of the Osha Thai restaurants in the city. Love the late night hours for this particular one and can't get enough of their spicy string beans with brown rice. Yum!

Lustig 26.2.2012
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Wow awesome review! I laughed a couple of times

Danke 13.1.2012
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Can you suggest an other chain store that has a variety of climbing gear WITHOUT a 50-75% markup? Don't say Sports Basement because their selection is lousy.

Noch mehr! 9.4.2011
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I know you must have a lot of other commitments and social activities that take away time from your Yelp reviews but I can't take it anymore...you have to write another review. It's like coffee in the morning and I've started getting headaches from your absence so please think of the little guys and prioritize!

Danke 17.1.2011
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I truly think you have just changed my entire idea on suit's.

Cool 29.8.2010

yeah it's hard to beat Mitchell's :)

Danke 21.10.2009
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Thanks Michael.  Couldn't help myself.  That place is the best.  Going to Vegas this weekend and I'll be at Sapphire's for Monday Night Football - one of the best nights out there - about 2 hours after the game there are 200 girls and about 50 guys...it rocks

Cool 9.9.2009
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dude your review was amazing, especially about the Filipino hip hop couple, haha, i just haaaaate those types

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