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Danke 12.6.2014
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Thanks for this, was very useful

Nur so... 17.10.2013

The Hard Rock has TWO toilets?! That amazes me. In a bad way.

Heiß! 26.4.2013

Just like me! I don't LOVE karaoke but at Rock Box I'm willing to give it a shot. It's such a cool spot!

Nur so... 26.3.2013

It's been a hot minute - hope to see you at the finale of Yelp Geeks Out this weekend. It's the Nerdy Dancing glow-in-the-dark dance party in Capitol Hill. I promise it'll be a blast! :)

Cool 23.3.2013

Awww, bummer that you didn't like Nail Code! They're right by my house and I got lucky with a pretty rocking experience there. But yikes on the fungus :((

Danke 17.10.2012
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Gracias. Merci. Arigato. Danke... There aren't enough languages in the world to express my gratitude.

Danke 24.4.2012
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At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without Yelp by my side. And then I found your reviews, they gave me strength to step out the door, and now I'm calling all my friends and hitting the dance floor.

Danke 18.4.2012
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Thank you for the compliment Andrea. It feels so rare in cyberspace to receive a genuine compliment once in a while! I will be sure to write more reviews, and expand upon my critique-ing repertoire... Glad you enjoyed the Dahlia Lounge as much (if not more than) I did too.

Wie niedlich! 5.3.2012

It was great meeting you, too. Thanks for being my bus buddy. Oh, and I love your profile pic! So cute!

Danke 21.2.2012

Thanks Andrea! I try to be helpful! :)

SD wasn't too bad - we were there for a wedding so our time was nicely planned, and it was really nice and warm.

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