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Heiß! 16.1.2010

Congrats on your ROTD!  :)

Danke 2.1.2010
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Adore the Steelers - good to know about Juanita's!

Cool 14.10.2009
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You're so cool  I'm glad I'm your mom

Cool 12.10.2009
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Glad to see you're out having a great time. Even if it is in Texas.  ; )

Danke 15.7.2009
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At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without Yelp by my side. And then I found your reviews, they gave me strength to step out the door, and now I'm calling all my friends and hitting the dance floor.

Nur so... 5.6.2009
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Robi's got great taste!  Whatever he says, take his word for it!

Heiß! 4.6.2009

Nice ROTD! Steeler Nation!

Heiß! 4.6.2009
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congratulations for your review of the day.

Heiß! 4.6.2009

Congrats on your ROTD!

Super Autor 4.6.2009

ROTD Congratulations!

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"Wilderness, in America or anywhere else, is the only thing left  worth saving. -Cactus Ed"

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My biological mother and parallel family tree.

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is still in the mirror.

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