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Cool 19.9.2014
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Hi Michelle,
THANKS much for friending. Enjoy your reviews.  Have a great Friday & Happy Yelpin!

Danke 4.10.2013
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Oh OK, I may be able to come tomorrow, let me see how quickly I can leave from work, i may be able to get there by 6:00. Meantime here's my mobile  number: 415 404 5167..Hugs!

Danke 4.10.2013
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U are too XXOXO

Danke 4.10.2013
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Sure, what's your number? I am planning to come on Sunday, I have been sick (with a bad cold) the last three weekends and didn't leave the house. Oh and guess what, FormulaX nail polish is now available at Sephora, I will bring some. Hugs-

Heiß! 22.9.2013
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  • P X.
  • Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks, sexy lady!

Super Autor 21.9.2013
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awesome writer

Super Autor 21.9.2013
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Nice to meet another La Corneta fan!  Thanks for your great review.  Keep yelping!

Tolles Foto 11.8.2013
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i want more pics of men getting a spa pedicure. nice shot!

Danke 29.11.2012
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Good Wednesday already? Well it just got better: This is it... your very first compliment. I remember mine. I always will. What's a compliment on Yelp exactly? It's how we stay connected amidst all the Yelps in the yard. (By the way, Jon A here, Yelp SF Community Manager). Welcome to the party -- and by party, I mean, yes, parties -- seem them at yelp.com/elite

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