Komplimente an Kim

Super Autor 15.2.2014
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Thoroughly written. Appreciate it.

Danke 22.1.2014
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thanks for giving an honest review! im terrified to go wedding dress shopping and this definitely put my mind at ease.

Cool 9.1.2014

Congrats on being Elite '14. Bet other Yelpers wish they were cool like us ;)

Heiß! 16.12.2013

Congrats on ROTD! Sounds like a joyous place to chow down, badum bum (sorry, that was terrible). : )

Heiß! 16.12.2013

Congrats on the ROTD, Kim. I need to try this place. Enjoy your day.

Heiß! 16.12.2013

Congrats on your ROTD!  :)

Nur so... 15.11.2013

Glad you guys tried this place!  So adorable, right????

Tolles Foto 18.10.2013
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Tke Sacco's photo is real old school.

Nur so... 4.10.2013
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one of your most positive reviews but just 3 stars?  whas that a typo?

Tolles Foto 19.8.2013

Geez! LOL

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