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Nur so... 28.10.2013
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Dont go to mb financial.

Cool 1.2.2013

It was most tasty, so be sure and try it!

Reading some of your other reviews; we share a lot of the same likes.

Super Autor 1.2.2013

[I know there's an artisanal bread course on the menu, but it would be nice to have something with the jars, even if that meant bumping the price up another dollar.]

That was my issue with Billy Sunday too.

Lustig 24.1.2013

"Tiny hot towel on your tongue"? Brilliant!

Lustig 20.1.2013
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I think I just fell in love with you simply based on this post... Lol

Super Autor 17.1.2013
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You've got the write stuff, baby!

Noch mehr! 17.1.2013
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In the words of Oliver Twist... Please, sir, I want some more.

Lustig 17.1.2013
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I think I just LOL'd my pants!

Noch mehr! 9.1.2013
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Eyo Cheesies! What up!

Nur so... 3.7.2012

Check your email...

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"Looks like a homeless guy.  Eats like a rich guy."

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good food, good wine, good sleep

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Suburbia, IL

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I sit in a small box all day

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Because I exude awesome

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Eagles.  And I'm not apologizing for it.

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I hope it involves eating Schwa's quail egg ravioli until I pull a Mr. Creosote

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