Komplimente an Michael

Cool 21.11.2014
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Thank you for the add. :-)

Danke 1.11.2014

I have seen that place before on yelp and it is definitely on my radar. You gave me the extra push to try it out. Thanks!

Super Autor 11.10.2014
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Nice Review

Lustig 8.10.2014

Right on! Thank you, Michael !! Have a great day yourself :-)

Danke 27.9.2014

U F C for Mr Sushi.  Good to know!  Love sushi :)

Lustig 20.9.2014


Tolles Foto 20.9.2014

Great photo

Super Autor 17.9.2014

U F C for Rustic Burger !

Danke 17.9.2014

Thanks for the add! Looking forward to your reviews.


Danke 5.9.2014

Glad to know we are of like mind!

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