Komplimente an Ermelinda

Heiß! 4.8.2014

600 reviews congrats!!

Danke 11.6.2014

Haha I will try to stay put, but that is difficult for me! Happy Summer to you as well.

Heiß! 11.6.2014

I see you went to Virgin Islands recently, nice.  I was in St. Thomas 2 years ago.

Cool 8.1.2014

Congratulations on your Elite '14 badge. Don't other Yelpers wish they were blinged out like us ;)

Cool 23.9.2013

I'm a huge fan of this place and, like you, LOVE the barra fish 'n' chippies. Have you tried their desserts? I recommend their banoffee cheesecake (I think that was what it was called). It was truly divine!

Cool 29.7.2013

You are on a reviewing roll !!

Danke 8.1.2013

Back atcha! :)

Heiß! 4.1.2013

Happy New Year and Yelp Elite 2013!

Cool 3.1.2013

Happy new year! Congrats on your Elite '13 badge.

Danke 8.9.2012
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And thank you for the add!

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