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Robert Earl Lighthouse

Ale battered fish and chips!

The Coffee Oasis

Front door

Olympic Sports Center

They have mochas!

Olympic Sports Center

Fields 2 and smaller 3

Fred Meyer One Stop Shopping

Fred Meyer  produce

Whiskey Gulch Coffee Company

They are up to something....what's in a name…

Whiskey Gulch Coffee Company

Cookies with bacon in them...mmmmmm

The Frozen One Frozen Yogurt

A Photo of the new FROYO place in P.O.

Wolff's Biergarten

from the outside....just look for the…

Miss Albany Diner

bourbon waffle....soooo good.  and cord beef hash…

Miss Albany Diner

about 6-14-11

Liberty Orchards Candy Store

store front from parking a crossed the street.…

The Danish Bakery

If you wrote home about this pretzel it would read…

Pizza a'fetta

tomato, and pesto garlic greek style. delicious.

Galway Bay Irish Pub and Restaurant

Their white whiskey Irish stew and their corned…

Galway Bay Irish Pub and Restaurant

hours by their door as of 2/10/11

Inn At the Shore

Inn at the Shore main sign and side of building.…

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