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True Food Kitchen

Panang Curry!

True Food Kitchen

Turkey lasagna!

Nate's Seafood & Steakhouse

Delicious crawfish feast!

Top Pot Doughnuts

Double trouble and raspberry chocolate! :)

Whiskey Cake

Cheddar and jalapeno drop biscuits

Whiskey Cake

Mac and cheese and roasted cauliflower and kale

Whiskey Cake

Three Little Pigs

HG Sply Co

The Jack Flash

Rodeo Goat

I got a little carried away and bit out of my…

Rodeo Goat

Fries No Surprise (and no jalapenos)

Village Burger Bar

Make your own burger!

Skin Deep With MPulse - CMYE

Photo facial for Kenz!

Malai Kitchen

Lemongrass chicken dish!

Malai Kitchen

Yellow curry with chicken!

Kenny's Smoke House

BBQ chicken sandwich with waffle fries!

Kenny's Smoke House

Chopped brisket sammich with smoked gouda mac

Coal Vines

Breaded Eggplant

Coal Vines

White special gluten free!

Ten Bells Tavern

One of these things is not like the other...

Boxwood Tap & Grill

Cheese platter (Gouda, goat cheese, prosciutto)

Hypnotic Donuts

Clockwise from top left: Salted Caramel,…

Laguna Coffee & Tea

Interior - very cozy :)

Laguna Coffee & Tea

Cherry danish and drip coffee


Espresso Ice cream Pie

Yelp Helps

Southern Hospitality slider!

Liberty Burger

The Velvet Hammer and the Mudslide Adult Shakes!

Bellini's Café and Pizza

Chicken Piccata with random vegetables. Not…

Oak Lawn Coffee

Breakfast bagel deluxe and Iced Black irishman…

Oak Lawn Coffee

"Small" latte and strawberry muffin! :-)

The Mermaid Inn

The free dessert they gave us! :)

Birch Coffee

Sweet coffee bar (and diggin the fedora) :)

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea

Flat White Love!

The Smith

Delicious burger with yummy fries!

The Smith

Love this added touch to the burger!

Joe Coffee

Beauty in a mocha. :)

Crif Dogs

Awesomeness :)

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