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Grill City

Dinuguan, don't ask just try it.

Minh's Vietnamese Restaurant

One of my most favorite dishes!

The Hopyard American Alehouse & Grill

Fried chicken and ahi salad.

Hot Wok Bistro

Funky industrial feel.


Nice garden

Delaware Golf Club

Nice challenging course!

Churchill's Pub & Grille

Nice burger and rings

Claim Jumper

Ribs and shrimp

Mission Bar & Grill

Falafel wrap $11

Buckhorn Grill

Smells great!


Chirashi. Awesome!

Reuben Borg Fence

Chicken coop area with new fence!

Mai's Kitchen

Spring rolls!


Salad is 5 stars, not so much on the Parisian…

LYFE Kitchen

Tasty drinks!

Cozmic Cafe

Weird eating vegan food in a cave.

Evan's American Gourmet Cafe

Excellent high end restaurant!

Koreana Food Court

Korean bi bim bap!

Koreana Food Court

Menudo and Russian chicken in a pastry!

Tofu House

Fried fish!

System Pavers

Nice gift from Flip!!!

System Pavers

Nice BBQ!

Tuesday Morning

Bought this for $20!!!

California Shakespeare Theater

Love this outdoor theatre!

Resto Kubo Kitchen

Chicken wings

Resto Kubo Kitchen

Fried porkchop

Va de Vi Bistro & Wine Bar

Fish pond in the patio area.


Body monitor to help golfers see their set up…

Emilia's on the Plaza

Green chili plate!


Nice gas station food

Khana Peena Indian Cuisine

So far I like the place!

Bagel Street Cafe

$3.79 for nice cinnamon roll and a coffee!

Cafe Tapioca

Popcorn chicken sandwich $4

Eddie Papa's

Chili dog with sweet potato fries.

Smoking Pig BBQ

Burger and salad

Extreme Pizza

The Yard Sale pizza.

Skylarks Hidden Cafe

Spaghetti with meatballs.

T & T Supermarket - Osaka Park Royal

Baby Alien creatures for sale!

Gretchens Here And Now

Cool little bakery.

Sobo Ramen

Lobster and pork belly!

Korean Village

That's rice booze in the bowl!

Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Peaceful and quiet here!




Spicy ahi nachos!


Ahi appetizer!  Best deal around.

Da Kitchen Cafe


Mala Ocean Tavern

Literally on the beach!

Choice Health Bar

Cute place!

Off The Grid

Cool place to eat.

Casino Del Sol

Nice casino.

Blue Water Seafood & Crab

Shark on ceiling

Kane Ramen

Tonkatsu ramen.

Bay Area Hay and Feed

Our friendly egg laying chickens we just bought…

Ventana Canyon Golf & Racquet Club

Par 3 into the mountain.

Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant

Whole pig looks delicious.

Chinese Szechuan Restaurant

Another nice meal.

Tequila's Taqueria

Excellent chili rellenos!!!

The Tam O'Shanter

Bar food prime rib!

Da Rae BBQ Restaurant

Tasty kalbi and soup.

Zorn's Restaurant

Very nice breakfast here.

Charley's Steak House

Steaks in display case

Long John Silvers

What's that brown stuff under my fish?

Stonebrooke Golf Club

Arriving at the dock for our second shot .

Ritz Carlton Golf Club

Morning at the Ritz,

Cornerstone Fellowship of Livermore

All are welcome especially during Thanksgiving.

Coffee Ali

Croissant and berry smoothies

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