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    • Foto von Ravleen K.
      Ravleen K.
      Seattle, Vereinigte Staaten
      4. Juli 2023

      Fantastic Indian food in Hamburg! Tastes authentic and is made with medium spice, which is perfect for most people. This is the best butter chicken I've had in a long time. My only recommendation is to specify that the thali comes with chitte chholey and not daal. Otherwise, great value for what you get.

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    • Foto von Meghan R.
      Meghan R.
      10. Apr. 2022

      Loved this place! Definitely the best Indian food we've found in Hamburg. I think you can't go wrong with ordering any dish here. Loved the naan and chicken curry.

      Definitely not a pretty restaurant and service here is not anything to write home about, so the food here is the star!

      I wish Germany had more of these types of restaurant options, where you order at the counter and pick up your food when it's ready. Easy, quick and cheap! Love it!

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    • Foto von James P.
      James P.
      Wandsbek, Hamburg
      17. Juli 2022

      Always excellent food. I had the Chili chicken Thali. It was spicy hot but not too hot. So was is perfect. The service is fast and they serve you on cute metal plates. The location is in the trendy area I'd St Georg Hamburg. Awesome food.

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    • Foto von Thomas L.
      Thomas L.
      San Francisco, Vereinigte Staaten
      12. Jan. 2018

      This place definetly is kind of unusual.
      You have to order at the counter get buzzer and have to pick it up once it is ready. The neighborhood is a bit rough but safer than it appears at first glance so dont't worry to much.
      The "restaurant" itself is also rather simple and focuses on providing good food without any bling bling. The food itself is super awesome if you order a Thali dish you get a metal plate with lentil soup, salad, bread, rice and sauces and everything tastes very good. I mostly get the Palak Paneer and it just tastes greate.
      This certenly is a hidden gem that is getting popular so it sometimes it is hard to get a seat.

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    • Foto von Jessica L.
      Jessica L.
      Baltimore, Vereinigte Staaten
      4. Juli 2018

      Excellent cheap Indian food as evidenced by how crazy busy they were this Wednesday night.

      Got the veggie thali and okra curry for 6euros each. Very busy around 7:15 on a weekday- ended up waiting more than 30 mins for our food. (Thus minus one star). Otherwise very flavorful and the mango lassi was perfect on a summer day.

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    • Foto von Kanika S.
      Kanika S.
      Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen
      25. Dez. 2016

      Just go to this restaurant. If you want to eat the food that's cooked in India, this is the place. We took chicken palak and okra thali and samosa as starters. Oh god! I never ate samosa taste like how it should be before I came here. The food was tasty, filling and quick.
      This is how you would probably eat at food corners in India. Go badshah!

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    • Foto von Adam T.
      Adam T.
      9. Apr. 2017
      Aktualisierter Beitrag

      I've now been here three times and can say I think the food is stupidly good for the price (~6€ per meal). I've ordered the palak paneer thali the last two times and would highly recommend this dish (spinach with cheese cubes).

      This is a pretty small place with authentic Indian food served on metal trays. You order at the counter, get a buzzer, then pickup your food, which is divided into entree, rice, yogurt, side salad, side chickpeas, and naan. Everything is really fresh tasting and delicious, besides the small salad which is really boring (but whatever, ignore it). I could easily recommend this place if you want some authentic Indian food.

      Palak paneer thali
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      31. Jan. 2017Vorheriger Beitrag
    • Foto von Giovanna W.
      Giovanna W.
      Sankt Augustin, Nordrhein-Westfalen
      18. Okt. 2019

      At first you may be overwhelmed by the fullness of the restaurant but it is extremely simple to order, just choose a dish and it will normally already come with extras like rice and naan. DELICIOUS!!

      Butter Chicken Thai
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    • Foto von Ritu W.
      Ritu W.
      Lincolnshire, Vereinigte Staaten
      10. Juni 2018

      I tried the palak paneer combo that was available at lunch.
      Overall, I was satisfied with the meal and had a nice siesta. The combo comes with yoghurt, black lentils, spinach paneer, zeera rice, salad and naan.
      What I did not like was that the portions for yoghurt and lentils were pathetic.
      So I find it funny that the black lentils was either too bland or too small a portion to even get a proper taste.

      Restaurant itself is, obviously, too small and may not appear too hygienic to certain folks.
      Based on my conversations with the locals including Indians, the place offers authentic Indian food and sweets are also a specialty here.

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    • Foto von Lauren C.
      Lauren C.
      Brooklyn, Vereinigte Staaten
      3. Dez. 2015

      Best Indian food I've had in Hamburg thus far.

      Went here on an impulse with coworkers for lunch. Little hole in the wall place with amazing food at incredibly low prices.

      We shared an appetizer of veggie samosas. Love the way it was plated with a variety of dips at all degrees of heat from none to more than some.

      I ordered the Chicken Tikka Thali, it contained a moderate hint of heat which was enjoyable. My dish came with chicken, rice, yoghurt, a mini salad, bean/legume side, and naan. It was hard to believe all this was just €5.50.

      After seeing my coworker's plate of Chili Chicken Thali, I think I will have to try that next time to test just how spicy it might be.

      Chicken tikka thali
      Mango lassi
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