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    Max-Brauer-Allee 277

    22769 Hamburg



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    • Foto von Qype User (Sooffi…)
      Qype User (Sooffi…)
      Amsterdam, Niederlande
      12. Nov. 2007

      Besides the bad reviews on this bar, Id to check it out myself, for an experience on my own.
      I have to agree...Music is way too loud to have a proper conversation, although the dj is playing good tunes..
      The flashy lights that turn off and on constantly are the most annoying as they seem to dazzle you. Drinks are expensive for as far as I can judge.
      The crowd seems to be confused about the way they should act in this bar. Are you supposed to go dancing, just have a drink or do we need to have useless conversations after a long week of work on the celebration of fridaynight...?! All I know, whether its a mix of these 3, or just one..Its definitely not my favorite bar.

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    • Foto von Liron T.
      Liron T.
      1. Okt. 2007

      I find the Bar Rossi nothing more than "okay". This spa-turned-bar (Formerly "Kurbad Rossi") takes it's design inspiration from Bond-era films in it's interior design and it's general glitz and glamour. The Bar Rossi is roomy enough to bring friends along, however the music is a little bit too loud for some proper conversation.

      The Bar Rossi is a good place to stop by for a few drinks before continuing your evening elsewhere, a prolonged stay may be hazardous to both your eardrums and your wallet.

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    • Foto von Qype User (filcha…)
      Qype User (filcha…)
      Kopenhagen, Dänemark
      1. Okt. 2007

      Bar Rossi reminds me a lot of the sort of bar I'd avoid in the UK. Who did we meet at the bar? Brit's abroad! The music is too loud to chat properly, and is really quite annoying after a while. I'd be fine if it was a club, but, it's not downstairs. The drinks are well pricey, around 7 euro for a G&T, it's just generally underwhelming, especially given the competition in the Schanze.

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    • Foto von Qype User (gr…)
      Qype User (gr…)
      London, Vereinigtes Königreich
      9. Okt. 2007

      I'd prefer a dodgy kip any day to the pretentiousness and pomp of Bar Rossi. Its attempts at glamour border on vulgarity. The drinks were overpriced and the music was too loud. A bit pointless, really.

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    • 4. Okt. 2010

      After the reviews on here so far, I thought I would add my own comments.

      I find this bar interesting and intruiging. With the many other very good bars within arms reach, this bar falls short. What makes it interesting and intriuging, is the fact that there is not one shinning review on here and it has managed to stay open, mindboggling, considering the location and the competition.

      I have only been here a few times to meet friends, (never been my recommendation for a place to meet) and agree with all the other reviews, price of drinks too high, music levels are at a spinal tap 11, and it just doesnt make me comfortable. All I can say is the music is actually alright and the DJ knows what hes doing (apart from the volume). Interior, much the same as anywhere else, drink quality - much the same as anywhere else.

      Can I recommend this bar? well, not really, its as good as some of the other okay bars nearby, but doesnt stand out enough to make it anything but a stop-off point on a nightout.

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    • Foto von Qype User (matnic…)
      10. Jan. 2011

      loud music, young people. packed at weekends. great if you're a 20-something looking to meet other like minded people.

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