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    • 1. Apr. 2024

      We were in town visiting my son for my early birthday weekend. He wanted to treat us to this bougie Mexican place in Santa Barbara. They don't take reservations, and after nearly an hour wait we gave up. This place was next to our hotel and it turned out to be the best place we could have chosen. Lively vibe, great food and attentive service. My kids mentioned it was my birthday and I got serenaded by the mariachi band and some delicious churros. We're definitely coming back the next time we visit.

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    • 30. März 2024

      A hidden gem in Ventura for some of the best Lebanese food. Our son lives in the area and this is his go-to spot for Middle Eastern fare. The owner is really nice and we watched as he single-handedly prepared and served customers, some of whom were clearly regulars.

      We ordered three falafel wraps, two manouche (one za'atar, one lahmajin, and one za'atar special with tomatoes and onions) one hummus and one baba ganouj. The wraps were delicious, the falafels really well made. The baba ganouj had a nice smoky flavor, the hummus a good amount of garlic and lemon. We loved all the manouche, especially the za'atar special. A delicious and filling lunch! Highly recommend this place.

      Falafel wraps, manouche, hummus and baba ganouj
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    • 14. März 2024

      We had a long road trip from Long Beach up the Central Valley and were searching for a dinner spot along the way. Although this was a bit away from 99, it looked too nice to pass up. We're happy we made the stop! Located atop a landmark building oozing charm, the restaurant has two beautiful rooftop terraces. We were there on a Wednesday evening and they were already quite busy (we luckily made reservations ahead of time) so I can only imagine how packed they must be in Summer. The staff were friendly and set-up a heating lamp nearby for us. The ambiance is so nice, particularly the views of the Sierras. The menu may not be large, but what they offer is prepared and presented very well. We ordered the Seafood Pasta, Seared Chicken, and the Butternut Squash Risotto (with chicken.) Everything was just delicious. If I lived in the area this would definitely be a place I'd return to.

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    • 3. Dez. 2023

      A great addition to downtown! We took advantage of our discount passes during Mod Shop and stopped by here for some take-out. We ordered the chili chicken, aloo tiki, vegetable samosas and pakora. Everything was delicious, particularly the chicken (we ordered the medium spice) paired with the aloo tiki and yogurt sauce. Really looking forward to returning here to try more of their dishes.

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    • Italienisch

      Centrum, Amsterdam

      17. Okt. 2023

      Came here because the place we originally wanted required reservations. We decided to walk back to our hotel to rest and figure out where to go and this was a few doors down. Got lucky and were seated upstairs with a beautiful view. We had the Hangover Burger and some fries. Burger was a bit undercooked, but decent enough. Service was friendly. A nice place to have a meal and enjoy the scenery.

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