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    • 554 Fellowship Rd
      Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
      Vereinigte Staaten
      5.0 Sterne

      Great Nachos! And great Service! Especially after a long day at work, when you can barely keep your eyes open, these are really a sight for sore eyes. Literally.

      Kommentar von Guest Relations T. von Miller's Ale House
      30.9.2023 That's what we're talking about, John! Thanks for sharing!
    • Alte Bahnhofstr. 36
      53173 Bonn
      3.0 Sterne

      Good food, but they don't accept credit cards. Be advised they are cash only. My bill came to €12.80, but I only had a €10, so I apologized and left saying I'd return with the change.

    • Ibrox Stadium
      Glasgow G51 2XD
      Vereinigtes Königreich
      1.0 Sterne

      Too much Rangers crap.

      Zero. I repeat. Zero Celtic kits available here.

      The toilet was OK.

    • O'Hare International Airport Terminal 3
      Chicago, IL 60666
      Vereinigte Staaten
      1.0 Sterne

      Expensive, poor service (did not check on us after dropping off food, missing place settings, no offer for coffee refills), and food that could only be described as "meh." I wondered why the Starbucks had such a long line and this place was relatively vacant. Now I know.

      Chili's boo.

    • 1200 W Warner Ave
      Santa Ana, CA 92707
      Vereinigte Staaten
      5.0 Sterne

      Still can't believe it's been 10 years since this place closed. So sad. I hope where ever she is, little Korean lady is enjoying a well deserved vacation. Somehow I doubt it, and that whatever financial trouble she was in to finally caught up with her. If only I had loaned her the money she asked for, if only Kickstarter existed back then so we could properly fund her. Ahhh! Now this is regret.

      I can still taste the perfectly crunchy radishes and expertly pickled cabbage. She knew I never ate the cucumbers, but she always brought them to my table, anyway. I can still feel my anxious excitement when she brought out the steaming bowl of bibimbap. Thank you, Korean Lady, for introducing me to the proper usage of Rooster Sauce. Thank you for always knowing my order as soon as I walked in. Thank you saying "no charge" around the holidays -- who does that?! We never spoke more than a few words, but I will always remember our time together.

    • 1153 W Carson St
      Torrance, CA 90502
      Vereinigte Staaten
      5.0 Sterne

      Great choice for Mediterranean/Persian in the Harbor 110 corridor area.

      Food is great! I usually get the chicken shish kabab lunch plate (lunch is on till 3pm) and it's a ton of food, but very well put together, tender, with just he right amount of char.

      Staff is friendly but not over bearing. They remembered I came one time with my wife and asked about our little baby!

      Pro tip: your cell signal will go to zero here, but ask for the wifi code!

    • 930 Tahoe Blvd
      Incline Village, NV 89451
      Vereinigte Staaten
      4.0 Sterne

      Great food, large portions, excellent place to watch Football. Low ceilings... Dusty.

    • 13129 Harbor Blvd
      Garden Grove, CA 92843
      Vereinigte Staaten
      2.0 Sterne

      Hard to find place in a strip mall next to Chuck E Cheese. Arrived about 45 minutes before closing, place was packed, and we waited while the host cleaned off a table. I almost sat down in a spilled coke on the chair. The whole underside of the table was wet with food and spilled drinks. We let that go and set down to order 2 fish tacos, 1 Carne asada taco and 1 chile relleno. The host was really nice, not overly intrusive during our meal and the food came quickly which was a positive; on the downside the they never really cleaned up our table properly. On to the food: the chips tasted overly doughy, the salsa was underwhelming-not great, not bad. Carne asada taco was atrocious; and the meat portion was undercooked and not high quality. I didn't even finish it, and covered it with a discarded napkin. The fish taco was measurably better, for me. I finished it. My wife's fish taco apparently was "mushy" without much flavor. However, she did enjoy her chile relleno, so there's that. In conclusion, food 2 stars, service 3 stars, cleanliness of dining room 1 star. Overall 2 stars. Add to the fact the we drove 3-4 miles out of our way to get here based on the positive yelp reviews, this was just a disappointing visit. Probably won't eat here again.

      Kommentar von Paloma M. von Sabroso! Mexican Grill
      25.6.2014 John,

      We appreciate your feedback.  We take great pride in providing a clean and pleasant…
    • 1441 W Knox St
      Torrance, CA 90501
      Vereinigte Staaten
      4.0 Sterne

      A lot of options for lunch in this area but I always seem to gravitate to this spot. Because it's part of a Quiznos chain, the food is good but predictable -- you know what you're getting, and that's a good thing.  What makes this place a stand out option are the people working here.  They are very friendly have learned how I like to customize my order so that I don't have to explain each time. But it's more than that. One time I forgot my wallet and Cynthia said it was "ok, just let us know next time and you can pay then." Which I did.  How awesome is that though? Good food, great people.

    • 820 West Main St
      Charlottesville, VA 22903
      Vereinigte Staaten
      5.0 Sterne

      I was in town for business and was looking for a place open later than most. This place hit the spot. Tuesday night, half price wings. I ate my entire plate of 16 wings, then went through and licked them all clean again. Returned for an encore two nights later. Superb!!

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