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    • 31. März 2024

      A friend took me to Greenville for the day and knowing that I'm vegan, she looked up places to eat and suggested we go here.

      We arrived and it wasn't particularly busy, but it's also not a huge place and sort of set away in a strip mall, not in a central area. The person working was super friendly, and told us to take a seat and brought up menus.

      The menu is vegan soul food, and everything sounded amazing. I ended up getting one of the specials with mac and cheese and breaded chicken with collard greens and rice. And I ate every bite! I haven't had vegan soul food in years, so it was so nice to find this place. I only wish I could have tried more things on the menu. In any case, I will totally come back in the future if I ever make it back to Greenville.

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    • 27. März 2024

      This was fine, I guess. As a birthday twin of GW, I think it's fun to see things that are adjacent to him, like Mount Vernon, or his outfit in the Smithsonian. But this cabin was a bit disappointing. The history is cool, and of course I wasn't expecting a sprawling mansion, but it's basically a tiny house with window you can look inside, and the window is dirty and hard to see in, and then there's some memorabilia (not even sure if it's authentic or what). There are a couple buttons you can press to listen to recordings telling more about the place, but it would have been cool to go inside, or get a pamphlet or something. I wouldn't go out of my way to check this out, but since I was already in Cumberland, I thought why not?

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    • 14. März 2024

      I love bookstores so I was excited to stop in by The Book Center. And I was so terribly disappointed. I walked in and the two people working didn't even acknowledge me. The selection of new releases was minimal at best, and though there are a lot of used books, I didn't find anything of interest. They do have a small section of local books (about the area or from area authors) but when I asked for help/recommendations, I was just led to a section and left there with no guidance. Sooooo unfortunately, only two stars.

      However, this place has a bookstore cat, Alice, and if I could give her 10 stars, I would. The main reason to come here, TBH.

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    • 12. März 2024

      Such a great spot! There was a live band playing on the Saturday evening I came, but the volume was fine and not overly loud. I think it also helped that there weren't too many people in so the noise didn't get out of control.

      The selection is extensive, and I was stoked that they had THREE sours. All of them were delicious, but the Pedro... WOW. A pineapple jalapeño sour that actually burned. It tasted like salsa verde. Soooooo good.

      Connor is a great bartender and told me a lot about the brewery, the beers, and Cumberland in general. If I lived in the area this would be a regular hangout for me.

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    • 11. März 2024

      All I can say is if I lived in Cumberland, this would be my regular hangout. The location is great, the interior is welcoming and cozy, and most importantly, the coffee is good!

      I came here on a Saturday to spend an hour or two writing postcards and getting caffeinated. There wasn't much going on in the city itself (seriously, I walked through downtown in the afternoon and saw maybe one or two other people outside), but this spot was definitely the place to be, with a steady stream of people coming and going... which I think is testament to what a great place it is.

      Also, props to barista Kieran, who is the best. They gave me recommendations of spots to check out in the area and both times I came in, they were friendly and welcoming.

      I brought some beans back home with me, so I'm looking forward to trying them out!

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