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    Bau and Ademir were great. I dropped off my car for an estimate when I was side swiped by an idiot. (This shop was on the list for my insurance.) I chose it because it was the closest to my work. They should be on every insurance company's preferred Shops List!
    Ademir took a look at my car with me and he called for an Uber Car to take me home afterwards! Great First impression.
    Bau stayed in communication with me the entire time. I finally picked up my car a couple days ago and my car looks great. They washed it and vacuumed the interior prior to me picking up. It's the little details that warrant great reviews and referrals.
    Thank You Auto Collision Experts!

  • 2495 3rd St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    Mit OpenTable gebucht

    Took the BF akaJaySmash here for his Bday Dinner. Made reservations for 8pm. We didn't get seated until almost 9pm. :/

    BUT, they did comp us our first round of drinks at the bar and our dessert for the inconvenience! That was unexpected and made our experience much more enjoyable. They were out of the ceviche, which was the second disappointment of the night. We were really looking forward to it!
    Oysters were good, nothing to write home about- reallllly teeny tiny oysters...  I'd skip these next time.

    Scallops were delicious!
    Mushroom Gnocchi delicious!
    Salmon delicious!

    the chocolate spiced cake. YUM!

    Will definitely come back!

  • 4618 3rd St
    San Francisco, CA 94124
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    This review is for my Delivery Order. I ordered on GrubHub and it quoted me about 50-60 min for delivery. It arrived 1.5hrs later.

    We ordered the Escovitch Snapper , Blackened Snapper and the  3 Snapper Sliders with salad. (we don't eat meat)
    Overall, the food was just ok. Both Fish were absolutely dry and overcooked and under seasoned. The red beans and rice were ok- dry as well. no hint of the coconut milk at all. Mashed potatoes were decent.
    The sliders were pretty good but we only received 2 out of 3 sliders! They are $2.50 per slider or $7 for 3 and a side salad. Disappointed to say the least.

    Perhaps their food is much better in the restaurant- I will never know. Not planning on eating here again.

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    ordered on grub hub. Food came at the time quoted. Ordered the Greek Goddess. Pizza arrived luke warm, limp and soggy. Pesto barely had any flavor. The sauce makes or breaks the pizza, guys. Maybe they didn't put enough? I dunno. other ingredients tasted fine, I guess.

    Overall, the pizza was MEH. Nothing to get excited about. Feel like I got robbed with a barely warm, limp, pizza.

    I *might* try again if I'm close by  and pick up a hot slice.  
    Will never order delivery from them again, if this is the quality to expect.

  • 1157 Masonic Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94117
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    Walked in and got lucky. Orio was free to work with me- until 430 for an appt.
    I was walking around Haight all day, parlor shopping and hoping I'd find a dope artist that could ink me rt away.  I didn't even know what I wanted yet. Lol.
    I literally figured out my design like 10 minutes  before I walked in. I explained what I wanted to the nice lady (forgot her name but I think she's the owner.) she seemed pretty excited and recommended Orio rt away. I recognized his name from some Yelp reviews and was like, "score!" *fist pump. Anyway, long story short, he was into my idea and I got my tattoo. He even pushed his appt back to work on my tattoo. Dope. We ended up realizing we had some mutual friends in the process! Small world. Anyway, love my tattoo and so does everyone else!

    Orio is awesome, shop is dope, I noticed lots of artwork of hip hop artists and most importantly, it's clean and they are super friendly!

  • 11 Pearl St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    The parlor is really clean, new needles, everything sterile. Things everybody should look for in a shop.
    Cats is awesome with a side of awesome. She was really easy to talk to, listened to what I was looking for in my piece and made the changes I asked for. But I left feeling like a douche. After the five hour piece, I only had $20 left to tip her. What a slap in the face. Make sure you bring more than enough cash! I was absolutely embarrassed.
    She just joined the Spirit fam last year, so she may not have as many pieces in the website as the others. They're all super talented and I'm extremely happy I had Cats as my artist. Thank you! And I'm so sorry about the bullshit tip.

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    Luis was amazing and our guests had a blast with the booth! He had a great array of  of props to use, the booth was easy to operate and the pictures came out looking professional. He even took the time to make us a personalized template for the event. We will definitely call him again for future events!

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    **just found this in my saved drafts. Must've forgot to post.

    I have awakened from my 2 year slumber of Yelping for this experience. This review is for their Service ONLY. My friend and I came here after the Giants parade for a bite to eat. The line was out the door but was moving quickly. Their menu looked deeeelicious. We ordered in and sat at the booth in front of the window. We waited patiently... At first. They kept calling numbers steadily so we thought our order would be coming soon. 30 minutes and two inquiries about our order later, they served EVERYONE else who ordered AFTER us!!! I've worked in restaurants and understand to go orders have somewhat a priority, but that doesn't mean that you serve the ENTIRE line while your dine in patrons are treated like low class peasants. Learn how to space them out! We demanded a full refund and stormed out. The line cook/ owner didn't even bother to come apologize or even attempt to do anything to keep our business.

  • 1109 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    This review is for their Indian Food and Service only.
    ordered on at 1030p. I was starving. wait time was about 60min. That's fine- they quoted around 55-65min.
    Anyone who reviewed this and said it was great or even good Indian food must be HALLUCINATING.
    I ordered the following:
    Allu Gabi- BLAND
    Chala Masala-Decent but not nearly as good as I've had in the past.
    Dal Makhani- BLAND
    Vegetable Khorma-BLAND
    Where the hell are all the Indian spices and flavors???
    Naan was fine. Can't really go wrong.
    I can normally eat until I look pregnant, but I only ate like a spoonful of each curry. This food was so disappointing.
    The delivery guy was the WORST. I buzz him in, as I'm going to opening my door to the hallway to let him in, I hear him yelling at the top of his lungs! Really? He doesn't even come to the top. He just leaves my delivery on the floor and says, "Here, take your delivery." and leaves.

    NEVER eating here again.

  • 570 Sylvan St
    Daly City, CA 94014
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    I did not use Westlake Tow for tow services. My review is for the service and price they gave me for unlocking my car. First of all, it was $55 FLAT. No service charge to just show up and "see" if they can unlock my car. Some places charge you a fee to come out and then charge you more for the actual service of unlocking your car.
    Anyway, the lady on the phone was super nice, asked what car it was and when she found out it was a BENZ, guess what? She didn't try to jack up the price like everywhere else did. They were at my place within 10 minutes, the guy who came out to unlock my car was extremely nice too. It took about 10-15 minutes for him to get it done, but who cares? $55! 5Stars for great service, and price!

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